Thursday, April 17, 2008

RT Recap – Day Two and Three

Nearly everyone arrived Tuesday. At one point, I think we had six people’s luggage in our room and several more people than that. When we started out to have dinner last night, I think we had a table for seven, but by the time they seated us, it had exploded to a table for fifteen.

We meet Claire from Total-e-bound and spent the day with her. She hung out with us most of the day and even shopped with us at Station Square.

Later I chatted with a very nice couple in the elevator, only to find out shortly later that it was Anny Cook and her house hunk.

Let’s see…also met up with Judith Rochelle (!!!), Cheryl Sterling, Kate Poole, MaryAnn Stephens, Jen Armintrout’s husband Mr. Jen, JL Wilson, Mona Risk and Kelly Kirch. And Carol Lynne is here!!! Yay Carol! (On Wednesday, I met up with Jen Armintrout, Isabelle Drake, Catherine Chernow, Charlotte Featherstone, Colleen Gleason, Taige Crenshaw, Tammy Kearly and Holli Bertrum)

We shopped at Station Square. There were some cute shops there, but I didn’t find souvenirs. We did a tiny bit of site seeing and hopped back in the van to go back to the hotel. Then came the EC Virgin party…

Let me just say: CAVEMEN.

Wednesday was a busy day of preparing promo. We ate lunch at a place called Olive or Twist. In the afternoon, we had the book signing. My first book signing!!!! What fun. I was sitting beside Kate Poole, who’s a wonderful lady. I met a lot of wonderful people and I still have cover flats of my book available. They turned out really cool. Anyone who wants one should just email me and I’ll send a signed one out to them.

The book signing ended fifteen minutes late and I literally had to run to get back to my room, change for the EC party and get back down stairs. I had a half hour. That was bad considering the elevators sometimes took fifteen minutes one way. One of the elevators was broken too. Well…more than broken. It plummeted three floors and trapped people in it for several hours. Yikes!!!

I did get downstairs in time and even had time to get my picture taken with the Cavemen.

The party was kinda fun. No one could really hear but I was escorted by Rodney and escorted down the stairs by Kevin (Okay I’m a little in love with Kevin. He’s such a flirt.) Directly after the stage walk and the Caveman performance, ten of us went to the bar for a bit. Then off to bed (after cleaning the room. What a tornado area!!)

More after Under the Sea...


Molly Daniels said...

Oooh! Sounds like you are having a fab time!!

barbara huffert said...

Do you get to keep your Caveman? Can I borrow him?

LynTaylor said...

LOL! Where are the pics of the Cavemen????

Sounds like you're having a great time. Can't wait to see some pics and put some faces to names. People are never what I imagine them to be like.

barbara huffert said...

Hey just saw your Night Owl Romance interview on their book flicks site. Thanks! Great seeing you.

Jennifer Armintrout said...

I didn't know you saw Mr. Jen on Tuesday. He didn't even mention it!