Friday, April 18, 2008

RT Recap – Day Four

Thursday started out slow. I skipped breakfast, stayed in the room and edited for awhile, before I headed out to check out Club RT. While there I hung out at the Total-e-bound table for a bit and met quite a few readers. Afterward, I finally meandered over to the giveaway room where I got a bazillion free books. Wow! We’re talking over a hundred dollars in great books, and some of them were books I’ve been dying to read.

My roomie was sick, so I dumped my books and took my laptop down to the bar where I networked some more (and left her in silence). Yes, I really did network…and I only drank Coke. Our waiter was awesome…one of the few here. Overall, the staff has not been very good. At the restaurant on the first day, our waitress was terrible. She even told me no when I asked for something. Waits for food and/or service have been really long. Seriously, you should go to the restaurant and bar to order before you’re hungry. Ninety percent of the staff are just downright rude.

The hotel is like a demilitarized zone with all the construction going on. There’s white dust from the plaster EVERYWHERE. There are holes in wallpaper, shoddy paint jobs where sections have been missed and plaster splotches all over the carpets. Our maid is awesome, but getting enough bathroom linens can be a challenge…and yesterday, some of the ones we got weren’t what anyone would call clean. GROSS.

There’s seriously not enough eye candy to overcome the deplorable lack of preparedness at this hotel. Honestly, I don’t think they had a clue what they were getting into.

But speaking of eye candy, I had my picture taken with the Mr. Romance Candidates. They’re very nice. Later, I found my “interview” on Night Owl Romance. By the way, I met Tammy from Night Owl on Tuesday night. What a sweetheart! I was so glad to meet her.

(BTW, the picture to right is Lacey Thorn with a bunch of the Cavemen)

Eventually, I made it back to the room to get ready for the Faery Ball. Bronwyn braided ribbons into my hair and sewed in a few sequins. Very cool! The dress was awesome. The ball was fun… again with the unprepared though. The hotel had no idea so many people would be attending. That confuses me, but hey, I’m not going there again. The music was fun. It was a mix of the eighties and nineties. I was in an ebullient mood and even did the stage walk for the costume contest. We had to walk across on the arm of an EC model (BONUS), twirl in the middle of the stage (you know the dance move twirl) then leave the stage. Memo to me: I can’t spin. Moving on…

I didn’t win. Who cares. It was fun. I stayed at the party and visited with Cindy Spencer Pape and Judith Rochelle until midnight after all my roomies went upstairs. Then I stumbled upstairs and fell into bed. Then off of it…

See you tomorrow.


LynTaylor said...

LOL! 'Then off of it...' Good one Brynn :D Well I hope you didn't hurt yourself LOL.

Gee the hotel sounds like they really didn't have any idea just who would be coming, eh? Probably thought 'Romance? Oh, there'll be a few horny writers getting together to talk books' LOL. Idiots.

Molly Daniels said...

Sorry tho hotel is short on Hospitality, but the convention part seems to be making up for it:)

Had me worried there for a minute. Barb pointed out which one you were on the Interview video, and I had thought you were the one AFTER Bron, instead of BEFORE. So when I saw the pic, I thought, "But she has dark hair!" And then I kept reading...

Say hi to Fabio for me???

Molly Daniels said...

Forgot to mention: Are you trying to out-do Bron in the injury department, ha ha? much of a shock was it to fall OFF the bed? Hope you got a good laugh!

barbara huffert said...

What number were you? NOR posted a video of some of the competition.

Ashley Ladd said...

Every RT convention I've been to has had problems with the hotels from people getting stuck in elevators and construction. The hotels never seem prepared for us.

There's no reason for the staff to be rude.

Hope you're having fun anyway. I'm surprised you're editing while you're supposed to be having fun.

Sandra Cox said...

Nice pic, Missy!;)