Friday, April 11, 2008

A Little More Construction

Last month when I changed my blog's look, I started out because I wanted to go to three columns. I'm really glad I didn't mess with the HTML while I was really busy. I might have broken my laptop by pounding angrily on it. I did mutter under my breath a lot today. It was a pain in the arse. But I'm happy with my widgets on the left are hanging up the load a little. I might have to do something about them, but I have 4 books pending so I wanted to list them.

One thing that happened when I changed the blog was that I lost my blog link list. It was on the right. It's now on the left. I'm missing quite a few names I used to have on there. If you're not on there it's NOT because I've decided I don't like your blog. It's because I just haven't found your link again. Drop me a note so I can get you re-added.

I think I'm done remodeling for now.

By the way...have I mentioned the BEST SEAMSTRESS in the WORLD? She delivered my vampire dress today. That Bronwyn Green sure rocks! I saw her dress for the vampire ball too. VERY nice.

I've been working on my next book. I found an awesome spreadsheet to keep track of my progress, using my proposed final word count and my daily words completed. It's got a nifty pie chart showing how I'm doing too. Yes, I am weirdly excited by spreadsheets and charts and character worksheets. Go fig. Anyway, according to the chart, I'm 8% done with the book. I'm pleased with that considering I finished the last one on Wednesday. I may actually finish this one quickly.

Pop on over to Sandra Cox's blog and check out her baby picture contest. I'm pretty sure I know who today's child is. She's a reader of this blog. Check it out and guess for a chance to win books. You don't have to be right to be entered in the drawing. Then, speaking of young ones, you may want to swing over to Dakota Rebel's blog and tell her how old 28 isn't and how wonderful that age is. Finally, head on over to Ashley Ladd's beautiful new blog and check out her Wild Fantasies contest (to celebrate her Wild Fantasies book). She's asking: What favorite fantasy would you like to live out if you had a holodec? Now, c'mon...I know you guys. You're pretty inventive. Go show Ashley some love.

See you!! ~~Brynn


Ashley Ladd said...

Thanks for mentioning my contest, Brynn!

I'm in awe of Bronwyn, too. My mom lived to sew and made my wedding gown (gorgeous), but I can't sew a straight seam.

However, I'm pretty darn good at spreadsheets. Did I ever tell you my bachelor's is in Accounting (even though I've not worked in for years). But I still do mean spreadsheets and graphs and LOVE them. I'll have to set that up for my writing. It would be a good motivator. (Maybe I'll have to do it to get back on my weight loss regime, too.)

anny cook said...

Geez, I bet I've visited your blog three times and got sidetracked each time without leaving a comment. Once I went over to Sandra's and got lost in the pics. Another time I went to check out the other links you have in the blog. Can we say "easily distracted?"

Looking forward to seeing you at RT. Travel safely!

Kelly Kirch said...

I love the three columns. As a non-HTML type person, I go cross eyed trying to figure that stuff out. I also like your segments of where you can find which books on the right column. Nicely done.

See you at RT!! I am most excited. I get to meet my GR friends and squeezy hug everyone. Hope you are all squeezy hug people. Pretty sure Anny is.