Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yesterday's Writing Exercise

I needed something to get going on writing yesterday, so I did a writing exercise. This is what happened:

Words I had to use--Exerocist, Harried, Nonsense

Opening line had to be--Sometimes I feel like a gerbil, running around and around on his wheel.

“Sometimes I feel like a gerbil, running around and around on her wheel,” Leona said as she sank into her chair. “I don’t get this company,” she complained, driving a hand through her hair and amplifying her already harried look. “First I’m in a meeting three quarters of the day to learn the ‘new plan’ on how we’re to do things and then when I finally get back to my desk, I find out that the new plan is really the old plan, because it’s been phased out by the new president who was brought on board today while I was in that eternal meeting about the new plan.” She buried her face in her hands. “What a waste of time.”

I patted her on the shoulder. “Chin up. You could be me. I discovered at lunch today that the really hot bite my boyfriend gave me in the parking lot this morning on his way home was more than I thought.” I flipped back my hair to display the rapidly disappearing puncture wounds on my neck. “When I went out for lunch today, I nearly incinerated. SPF a million wouldn’t have been enough. Damn bastard, turned me into a vampire!”

She raised an eyebrow and snorted. “Okay, thanks for cheering me up. You don’t have to make up stories. Just tell me to stop being melodramatic.”

“No, I’m serious.” I sighed. If you can’t get your best friend to believe you’ve become a blood-sucking thug, who would ever believe you. “Believe me,” I told her. “Brad was definitely the ultimate date from hell. Brad. Probably more like Vlad. And at least you can leave this place whenever you want. I’m stuck here with vending machine food until the sun goes down. And I’m starving.”

Leona made a face. “Look, I’d believe you but your taking this a little too well for it to be true. And let’s face it. You’re the queen of melodrama. . . and you have the nerve to accuse me of being melodramatic.”

“I’m not being melodramatic,” I protested. “And I didn’t accuse you of being melodramatic. I’m trying to tell you about my horrible discovery.”

“Um-hmm. . . is this anything like that nonsense last month when you thought you needed an exorcist because you’d been possessed.”


“Or how about, when you thought you were becoming a werewolf.”

“I was getting all hairy.”

“It’s called Nair. Use it on your legs. It works, really. And what about the time when you were sure pixies were sneaking in and moving things in your apartment?”

I sighed. “If you think I’m such a crackpot, why are you my best friend?”

“You make me laugh. And you’re the weirdest person I know. You keep me from being the most insane person in the room.”

“Great.” I narrowed my eyes at her, mentally starting my new best friend list. “Have I mentioned I don’t like you anymore?”

Leona laughed. “You’ll get over it.”

“Oh laugh it up.” I pushed up my sleeve. “Well, what do you think of this?”

“What the hell is that!” she exclaimed staring at the oozing red marks on my arm.

I shrugged, grateful that my pain tolerance had apparently risen, along with my need for a little hemoglobin. “My best guess. . . 3rd degree burns. From the sun.”

Leona fell back against her chair, her hand pressed protectively against her throat. “Okay, I’m not laughing.”

So yesterday was review day for me. I received three.

The first was from Fallen Angels Reviews for All Chained Up. I received four angels. Here's a taste:

The attraction between Theo and Keera is explosive and very believable. Their sex is so hot that I’m surprised my computer didn’t go up in smoke while reading it. And talk about erotic….all I can say is, I’ll never look at ginger quite the same way again. If you’re looking for a fast paced erotic read, you’ll enjoy this hot little number.

The whole review can be found here.

The second was also from Fallen Angel Reviews. It was for Master Me and I received five angels. Here's a bit:

Master Me is a scintillating story of lust, romance and kink. Max is extremely alpha male and oh so hot. His strong personality and confidence make him the thing of erotic dreams. Ana gives the initial impression of being flighty and not sure what she wants. The sexual tension with Max adds a spicy element to her character and I was pleased with the direction she went. Ms. Paulin has done a great job of bringing to life edgy characters and delicious sex.

The whole review can be found here.

The third review was also for Master Me. It was from Alternative-Read.com. Here's a little:

This is a wonderful BDSM story. It is the kind that is Masterful as well as tender. It touches the heart as well as other parts of the anatomy and creates many warm feelings.

The whole review is here.
Hey! Go check out the Vampires on Jennifer Armintrout's blog! LOL.
Have a great day!


Anny Cook said...

Heh. Liked the writing exercise very much. Excellent reviews! Congrats!

Ashley Ladd said...

Great reviews! And I loved the writing exercise.

Molly Daniels said...

Fantastic reviews!

lyntaylor said...

What a great way to get the brain into gear Brynn! You should offer this up as a challenge for one of the blogs. It would certainly get everyone involved. Throw a couple of words at them and see what they come up with. Brilliant!

I really liked where it was going too. Makes me want to read more :D

Sandra Cox said...

Loved your writing exercise. More, more!
Congrats on the reviews!