Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Return of Brynn

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

My life is letting up a bit and I’m back. Work is still crushing at the moment, but at least I don’t have play rehearsal and science fair projects on top of everything else. That all ended yesterday and Sunday. Yay! Anyone want to ask me about fatty insulators or how to make ethanol out of oranges? I’m your girl.

Anyhoo… I was really glad for Easter to get here. It marked the end of a quite busy time. I woke up early and attended the Sunrise Service at our church and sang with the choir and one of the ensembles. I skipped the Easter breakfast and hid for an hour doing a last once over of my lines. Then, we had our play during the regular service time. It was a packed house. Talk about an adrenaline rush. It was hard to come down from it and teach Sunday School.

A lot of people ask me how my religion and my writing coincide. Let me tell you, sex is quite spiritual, particularly in committed caring relationships. And relationships take all forms and travel many paths…even the harder core ones that I occasionally write. I also think there’s a whole lot more to life than the box religion tries to hold us in. I’m not into religion. I’m into faith.

Enough on that… That subject is a whole different blog topic.

I woke up Sunday morning to a fantastic review from Sensual eCataromance. Here’s a bit:

Masterful and full of dominance, Master Me by Brynn Paulin is an explosive story of one woman wanting a man who can give her what she craves, domination. I loved this book, hot, passionate and racy are but a few words to describe it, but most of all it told of a relationship that was not only consensual but also desired. Anastacia and Max were characters that I loved reading about, their relationship starts out as friends but it certainly doesn’t end that way and when Max shows his true colors Anastacia doesn’t know whether she’s in heaven or hell. The emotions racing through this book were so easy to imagine, so much so that I was swept away with the whole story. Master Me is a keeper for me and a definite must have for those who love BDSM stories.

Here’s the whole thing: http://sensual.ecataromance.com/index.php?p=642

To answer a question on my last post, Tempting Tamera comes out on April 21. I’m killing myself to finish it and to keep up on work too. The story which will follow that will be out on May 12. It’s called Boy Toys and will be in the Brit Party antho. I’m thrilled to be in the antho. The other authors in it are Dakota Rebel, Desiree Holt, Lacey Thorn, Ashley Ladd and Lisabet Sarai. Quite a good group to be with. I’ve already read Dakota, Desiree and Ashley’s stories. I can certainly vouch for them. Yum!!! I got the awesome cover yesterday and have posted it to the right.

Believe it or not, Boy Toys is all about a committed relationship. All of my stories are. It’s HEA or nothing.

By the way, I liked the way Disney pulled off the HEA in Enchanted. Loved that movie. How could I not? Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden. Yum times two. Wait! I sense a ménage story coming on…

So… readers and writers who read this blog: Who’s going to RT? I’m makin’ a list. Let me know!!


anny cook said...

Me! Me! I'm going! Glad to have you back!

Molly Daniels said...

I just finished watching Enchanted and loved it!

My sentiments exactly on the faith/religion issue.

And no, not going unfortunately...

Welcome back:) Glad you survived!

Smut Girl said...

Wish I was! Hope y'all have fun! Glad you're back :)

Kelly Kirch said...

I'll be there, but I think you knew that already.

I'm not religious. I'm Christian. Religion is the act of being religious--doing and saying all the right things. It's very a legalistic view definition. Christianity is incorporated faith. Huge difference. It's like saying what constitutes love and all the steps therein as opposed to simply loving and not bothering to define it.

Jennifer Armintrout said...


And strangely, I already know how to make ethanol out of oranges.

Also, you know I'm going to RT already, and also, if you write dirty Enchanted fanfic you will make baby Mickey cry.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Pick me! Pick me!! I'm going!!!

Congrats on the awesome review!!!

BTW, I like the sound of dirty Enchanted fanfic...maybe you could post some on your blog.

Also...why am I not surprised that Jen knows how to make ethanol from oranages?

Sandra Cox said...

Welcome back! Love the doggy pic.
Congrats on the great review.

sterlingwriter said...

Yes, but can you make a battery from a lemon?
You already know I'm going. Still waffling on the costumes, though.

Molly Daniels said...

Or a radio out of a coconut...