Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mancold and Doctor

Ladies... been there? Yeah, me too. That could be a man I know who shall remain nameless.

So... it seems I must go to the doctor today. I had my blood drawn Friday late afternoon and the doctor called me all in a tizzy yesterday afternoon. Apparently my numbers are extremely abnormal. I need to go in immediately. Whatever. I feel fine. But to humor everyone, I'm going in this morning. I swear... you deal with the C-word one time and everyone flips whenever anything odd happens. I'm fine.

We have no wonder writer today. That's my fault. Apparently with my job, the WIPs I'm keeping straight, choir, play practice/line memorization, Boy Scouts, church board meetings, RT planning and whatnot, and the kids' science fair projects, I've forgotten the days of the week.

Speaking of RT, I'm all signed up. My business cards were shipped yesterday (wow they're quick. I'm glad I didn't pay for quick shipping). My pens and cover postcards are ordered. Now I just need to worry about clothes. I probably ought to get on that, huh? Maybe tomorrow.



Kelly Kirch said...

OH MY FREAKIN'GOSH! I've so been there! Even the girl children recognized it. LOLOL.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

OMG - I'm married to that guy - same make, different model. Poor little bunny.

BTW,, we only flip because we care. :)

Molly Daniels said...

If you slip up and forget again, you can always repost mine:)

Just thought I'd toss it out there...

Sandra Cox said...

Mancold:Too funny and ain't it the truth:)

Hope everything goes well at the doctor's.

Anny Cook said...

Be well, please.

Mine got over that as I'm not LISTENING!

sterlingwriter said...

Can you slip a little world peace and the secret to the universe into that schedule? Jeez, take a breath. Oh, and listen to your doctors. Sometimes, they know what they're talking about. Sometimes they're full of crap.
See you S.

lyntaylor said...

Holy Crap! That's my husband lying there on the couch! (I can say that 'cause we're not talking atm ;)) You know he dared to once say that he gets colds worse than I do. WTF?

We'll be thinking of you m'dear. Hope all goes well *hugs*

Smut Girl said...

it's that damn science fair'll get you ever time. i am thinking good thoughts for you. :)