Thursday, March 6, 2008

Coulda Told You on the Phone...

Dear Doctor,
Yes I understand that you must have me come in periodically so that you can torture me with the scale, take my very good blood pressure and collect my co-pay, but I could have told you over the phone that I feel fine…

Here’s how the conversation went:
Dr: How do you feel?
B: I feel fine.
Dr: Really? Because you should feel like crap.

My numbers were so out of whack that marker to measure my level was literally twenty times higher than it should have been. I should have been screaming for a medication adjustment at one time higher. Oops. Oh well, it’s not like it’s sugar and something I can test on my own… Like I said, I feel fine except for the annoying weight gains. The doctor has however increased my thyroid meds significantly, so that should help. My cancer marker was perfect, by the way.

My shower fairy was kind yesterday, he brought me the entire ending of the book I’m working on now. Kudos to him. Readers of the Cress series will like him too, I think, since I’m working of Francesca’s story. She’s the Cress brother’s smartass little sister. She’s the last of that part of the family since Josh’s story, Gentle Control, comes out May 14. It’s been fun discovering what makes Francesca tick and finding her the perfect hero. That wasn’t easy. It took a very special guy and no one fit the bill until Justin came along.

The ménage story, Tempting Tamera, is still coming along. I’m finding it harder to write. It’s slower going when you have keep track of an extra set of body parts and personal pronouns. LOL.

Can I say, thank God for my palm pilot? It’s about three by five inches and thin so it fits nicely in my purse. It’s smaller than an e-reader which puts some people off a palm pilot for reading, but the size is actually a benefit for me. I load books on it all the time. Lots of books. More than an e-reader holds, actually. Anyway, yesterday as I was running to and fro I was able to pull it out and read—like when I was waiting an hour and fifteen minutes for my prescription. The choice of the day was my new acquisition, Wednesday Nights with Jamie by Daisy Dexter Dobbs. I am perhaps one of the pickiest readers you’ll find and I loved this book. Really, really, really loved this book. She made me cry on page 23. The characters were great and the sex…well, wow, HOT! I would definitely recommend it. My next read is Who Wants to Date a Superhero by RG Alexander then Rules of Engagement by Ann Bruce.

Fictionary was a rousing success the last time we played. We’ll be playing again tonight at Literagasm from 7-9 pm EST. Here's how it works: We post photos every 10 minutes or so, and everyone has to think of a catch phrase to go with it - it's amazing the things that people think of! The funniest ones will win prizes. The TEB editors will pick the winners. In between the caption game, authors will also have the opportunity to post hot and steamy excerpts. Come join the fun!!


Dakota Rebel said...

Hey look! Your shower fairy looks just like my Wet Dreams guy!


Glad the "C" test came back clear. I hope you continue to not feel ill.

See you tonight over at litergasm.


Anny Cook said...

Yeah, I know about that thyroid stuff. Pain in the ...butt. Glad you're doing well, otherwise!