Thursday, February 7, 2008

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Indulge me a moment today for a quick want ad before my blog starts. Do you like to read? Do you want free books? Do you have good grammar skills? Have you ever considered becoming a proofreader? One of the publishers with whom I'm affiliated is in search of proofers. If you're interested, let me know and I'll get you hooked up with them. They'll take it from there.

So hey! It's Thursday. Already? Wow, where did the week go? There's something about a glut of snow and snowdays to throw everything off. We’re at 73 and a half inches of snow for the year so far. This doesn’t work well in my favor when I try to convince people, yes, we have winter weather but, no we are not the arctic tundra we’re purported to be. When I was in Atlanta this past September I had a few people ask me if we had snow yet. It was pretty funny since back home it was actually warmer than down south. They were shocked when I explained that, no we don’t usually get snow until possibly December and that our snowy season usually starts in January. I believe I dashed all their beliefs about the cold north. At least, weather-wise. We’re still the yanks who burned Atlanta and think we won the war.

So with the snow, my kids were sent home from school in the middle of the day yesterday and have a snow day today. It’s beautiful outside right now. An untouched blanket of white, gleaming beneath the sun. No more snow coming down right now. Actually, I was surprised the kids didn’t have school today but the plows haven’t hit anything but main streets yet. Actually, a few minutes ago, a tractor went trucking past. They’ve apparently called in reinforcements. It didn’t do anything, though. Just drove past which is very odd since both ends of my street are dead ends. People don’t just drive past.

I have a secret. It's pathetic. But I'm going to tell you anyway. I've found myself sucked into reading a book this week. My book. A book I wrote. Have you ever done that? I'm just reading it, a bit enthralled and loving the story. It's been a good year since I last read it, so it's been like rediscovering an old friend.

My son is still perplexed about yesterday. He keeps sayng paparazzi. Let's face it as bad as paparazzi is, it's a fun word to say. To answer Kelly, without posting a picture of my son...he's an average looking kid. Decent looking with black-brown hair and dark brown eyes. He looks a few years older than he is and has the lean build of a mid-teenager. And he's nice. I'm sure that's the attraction. Nice with a wicked sense of humor. I'll bring a picture to RT.

Back to paparazzi... Do you think they went with Angelina Jolie to Iraq. And what the heck is she thinking? She has like 7 bazillion kids. And if most of the rag magazines are telling the truth, she's pregnant. Do you think she'll adopt an Iraqi child? Don't get me wrong--which would be easy after what I just wrote, but I really DO like Angelina Jolie. This just doesn't make a lot of sense. Too many peace-keepers and humanitarians have already been killed there. Which is very sad because in general a lot of people need help. Not indoctrinization. Help. (See Brynn go off on another tirade. I should have offered seatbelts for this blog entry.) You know, the, water, clothing, medicines, etc. Okay, having kids doesn't preclude a person from helping, pregnant, mother of a bazillion or not, but honestly, this visit

Speaking of off. So I did something I never do this morning. I put on make-up. I just felt like it. No big deal here though. Nobody noticed. Maybe they were distracted by my gleaming, brushed hair.

Speaking of distracted (see I told you you needed seatbelts), there's this guy. During tax time--right NOW--he stands outside waving at passing traffic all day long. Rain or snow. I want to bring the guy a coffee. And I want to know why his Statue of Liberty costume is red. He has a blue-grey version too. But this year, he's whipped out the red. She must be really pissed this year. What's weirder is when he wears his ski-mask with it. I call him the Bandit Statue of Liberty. Someone call 911.

Wait! On to 911 (no I haven't had coffee today. Not a drop. Perhaps that's my problem), there was a 4 year old in the news today who called 911 and saved his mom's life when she fell into a diabetic coma. I find that amazing. When my kids were 4, I can't imagine them doing that. They'd have jumped on me and told me to wake up. It took me forever to convince them the number wasn't 991. Kudos to that little kid. You rock mister! (I'd link to the article but I can't find it now!!)

Question: Britney's personal manager. Drugging her or not? What are your thoughts?

Eternally Yours Contest

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Good luck!!! I'm off to finish watching season three of Charmed. Coming rant on how they totally destroyed Cole's character arc/story line. Urgh!!!!

Okay. Bye now.


Bronwyn's Blog said...

I think I have whiplash from the sudden swerving topic changes!

Also, I think part of Adam's appeal is the Barry White thing he has going on with his voice.

Dakota Rebel said...

Yay!!! Brynn blogs like Dakota. We should get medals. It takes skill to get that much information to the public in such short paragraphs.


Molly Daniels said...

Saw the pics of Grand Rapids on the, what a snow!

Looking forward to your take on the Cole storyline:)

Sandra Cox said...

You've got a waving statue of liberty too? Saw mine twice today. Seems like only a job an aspiring actor could warm up too.

justadreamer said...

I love to read, and I'm a grammar nazi (or so I've been told...)

Ashley Ladd said...

So many things to comment on today in your blog.

First, I loved Cole and totally agree that I hate how his storyline evolved. He's so hot.

Yikes! I'm going blank. I can't remember what else I meant to add.

Ashley Ladd said...

I remember now what I was going to comment on.

I'm a Yankee, too, but the Air Force sent us into the deep South, into Mississippi. My mom followed us around. On one of her jobs (she altered clothes) which just happened to be outside the Airmen's gate of the base, she was in the back room when the other women started talking about those "Damned Yankees". I always picked up on that attitude, but it was interesting to have it confirmed.

Kelly Kirch said...

Must be Adam's "it" factor. Gotta say, we have the Statue of Liberty tax-cot too. I've never seen red though. I do kinda like the pissed off lady of liberty idea. Perhaps PMSing? Road rage promotion? Wearing red AND the mask? That's just Lady of Sluttery. She'll screw you for tax money and rob you blind. Staaaaay awaaaaaaay.

Smut Girl said...

oh. my. god. i think i peed a little. you are funny. and...i have one of those guys too! in the Statue of Liberty thingy! his is gunmetal green, though. and he looked super pissed.

barbara huffert said...

Now I know I'm deprived. No snow and no Statue of Liberty. You guys have all the fun. Living in Reading is like living in a void. Anybody have a spare room?

Anny Cook said...

Hmmm. No statue of any kind, in any color. Maybe they're not allowed in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Regarding Adam, the girls are getting bolder and bolder. I figure within another generation, the gals will be out "bagging" their man, like the guys used to do to girls back in my day... cutting those notches on the bed post.

Snow. Don't have any. Two days ago it was 72 degrees here. I'm thinking there will be NO WINTER this year. NONE.

I confess, I confess. I read my own books all the time. I figure if I like my own work, maybe someone else does too. Do you ever read a sentence and think "Damn, I'm good"? That was the perfect word for that sentence. All right, don't throw things.

Charmed, Buffy, Idol, Survivor... meh. Don't watch TV. If I did, then I wouldn't have time to read my own books. Nuff, said.

Good blog.

Amarinda Jones said...

I think Angelina Jolie is a smart woman and Britney Spears should be left alone to sort out her life