Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Incubus - Available NOW

So I had a book come out yesterday. I'm not as nonchalant about it as that statement sounds. I'm excited. This is my seventh book!

Incubus is now available from Total-e-bound. This book is the second in the Redemption series (the first book was Fallen, also available from Total-e-bound).

A little background on this book. Incubus was originally a book called Invisible. In its first incarnation, I wrote it as a first person erotica. It was two scenes. In its second incarnation, it was an unfinished erotic romance. I converted it to third person and greatly expanded the story. The invisibility caused the hero to develop incubus-like qualities. Unfortunately, that was the extent of the plot. The hero and the heroine wanted sex. Motivation? Their want of sex. Conflict? The author couldn't write it fast enough for them. I again set it aside. In the third incarnation, this became a military suspense. Still erotic, but tense. Okay...still not working. There was too much plot for the little hot story I wanted to write.

Then came Fallen... In Fallen, I introduced an evil character named Cu'pae'ed, better known as Cupid to the western world. He likes to turn people into incubi. I knew immediately that Invisible was related to this story. The plot became clear and I knew the incubus qualities I'd already clearly written would be key. It helped me to write Fallen and gave me a clear path for the story now called Incubus. I've always liked this story through all its incarnations, but now I love it. So, here's a taste, of Incubus.


Truly, underwear would be nice. At least then he wouldn’t be swinging free, but they weren’t an option given to the cursed. His puritan parents would die of mortification if they saw him now. They’d been dead for hundreds of years now though, as had everyone he’d known during his short life on earth before he’d joined Cu’pae’ed’s demons. How stupid he’d been. A repressed man in search of adventure. Any adventure. Cu’pae’ed and his friends—he’d thought them friends—had seemed a lark. Service to the demon had been anything but that.

It was better than being an incubus. This last year of punishment had nearly destroyed his soul and been worse than all the other years he’d served.

Noah gritted his teeth and continued walking. Val’s body called to him. Unquenchable craving for her burned in his middle, building out of control. If he refused the call, would it kill him? Could he refuse? Knowing the incubus, probably not. The siren song from her house pulled at him in hypnotic waves. He tried to walk faster and get away from her, but the beast slowed Noah’s steps, weighing his feet like lead. It wanted Val—only Val. She alone could soothe the crushing ache that intensified with each step from her.

She’d move from her bedroom to her living room. He’d actually felt her go there. It was as if his senses were fine-tuned to her blood. His senses were sharply tuned to everything about her.

If he could reach the road half a mile from here, he’d jump onto the back of a truck. He wouldn’t have to try to walk anymore. The vehicle would drag him from Valentine. A wrenching pain tore through his pelvis, far worse than the others he’d experienced. Who was he kidding? The truck could drive for miles while his pain grew in severity the farther he went. And finally…

He knew what would happen. The beast would fully consume him and he’d transport right back to Valentine, just as he had earlier. He’d plough into her before he’d even fully materialised.

He’d likely kill her.

So hey! Pop over to Total-e-bound and snap up Incubus...and if you're so inclined, check out Fallen too. Both books can be read absolutely alone, but why? Pairs are so much fun!!

And if you wanna win something, check out the right pane. Lots of good books are up for grabs in the Eternally yours contest.

One last thing...thanks to everyone who posted about anger yesterday. You helped me immensely.

Have a great day! ~~Brynn


Bronwyn's Blog said...

Happy Release Day - a day late! I love this story. Noah is yummy yummy yummy!

anny cook said...

Happy Release Day and Congratulations!

N.J.Walters said...

Congratulations on your new release. Release day is always exciting!

Kelly Kirch said...

Yay you!! Sounds like I'm going to have to read more to satisfy my curiosity. Damn you!!

Jennifer Armintrout said...

Invisible! I remember that! Okay, I gotta go buy it now and see what you did with it!

Sandra Cox said...

Great interview, Brynn and Jennifer!

Congrats on the release:)