Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. May your true love bring you your heart's desires...and most of all his or her love.

There are lots of contests going on around blogland, many wrapping up today. Check out the Eternally Yours contest (check the right pane). You have a few days to complete that one. Also, go to Total-e-bound and check out their contest for a chance at several cool prizes. Kelly Kirch has a contest on her blog. Stop by and check it out. While you're at it congratulate her on her brand new (and first!!!) book. What a great day to have a first book released. Many sales Kelly!

So…last Friday with the detour of my son being so ill, I missed a very important date. February 8. The day I received the offer from Ellora’s Cave to contract Wedding Jitters. A momentous day and one I will celebrate always…even if belatedly.

In honour of Wedding Jitters which is available at Ellora’s Cave, I'm having a one day contest. Leave me a comment on my blog, telling me your most romantic moment and I'll put you in a drawing to win a copy of Wedding Jitters. This is ONE DAY. Comments must be in by 9 AM EST, February 15th. Here’s a nibble of the book.

EXCERPT from Wedding Jitters:

Dara knew two things at once. She’d never reacted as deeply to anyone, or anything, if she counted her vibrator. The other was that she’d controlled her wings. Sort of. She felt them protruding slightly against her blouse, but they weren’t full flung.

Quickly, she retracted them as the stranger set aside the candle and reached for his fly. His intention shone clear in his steadfast green gaze. Suddenly, her senses plowed back into place.

What the hell had she just done?

She had to get out of here. Now. If she let him inside her, it was all over. She’d never control her reactions. She’d never be able to settle into a tame marriage with whatshisname either. Tom…yeah, Tom. That was his name. And she didn’t even know this stranger’s name, or anything about him.

A tremble snaked along her limbs. He was dangerous, and he had some sort of an agenda. That was apparent. Why else would he have come here and done what he’d done, made her feel…
It was nothing short of a miracle that she’d managed to keep from transforming before him. It was a miracle she wouldn’t squander.

Hastily, she drew her shredded spell around her and yanked the cloth from her mouth. Taking him by surprise, she shoved his chest. Hard. She may as well have shoved a wall for all he moved. Drawing back her feet, she kicked them into his belly before he could react to her first volley.

She’d lost a shoe somewhere, but in the whole scheme of things, it didn’t matter. He’d moved just enough that she could dodge around him. She dashed to the door, gimped into a stumbling shuffle by the low-heeled-pump-bare-foot combo. Thank God, he’d ripped her panties and they weren’t around her ankles. That would have made for a short-lived escape. She’d be flat on her face and he, she suspected, would be over her.

An inappropriate rush of arousal tightened her womb. Why the hell did that errant thought excite her? She should be running faster. A guilty part of her wondered if she’d even protest if he caught her. Even a little?

She couldn’t let him catch her. She was engaged. Tomorrow morning, she was marrying a man who loved her—well liked her a lot anyway. There was probably a special place in hell for women who slept with other men the night before their weddings.

But she wanted to. She didn’t, however, want to show this stranger her wings and if she slept with him… She was fairly sure there would not be a repeat of the earlier miracle.

Why was the door so far away?

He growled in outrage at her move and thundered after her, the thunder less sound than tension from his irritation and her sense of the storm about to overtake her. She added speed. If she could make it to the door… Safety waited on the other side. She skidded to a halt before she slammed into it and frantically turned the knob.


She felt the man’s warmth as she fumbled with the mechanism. Finality licked at the edges of her hope for escape. As two powerfully muscled arms caged her, palms flat on the wood on either side of her shoulders, she dropped her forehead to the cool surface of the door. His hard body pressed behind her. His thick arousal tucked against her buttocks sent rampant panic pounding in her heart.

“I know what you are, little one,” he whispered. His lips brushed across the tip of her ear, the flutter of ashes before a lick of flame when his tongue traced the undeniable point.

Her ears! Oh God! Her ears! In her preoccupation with hiding her wings, she’d forgotten something just as vital.

“And what do you think I am?” she demanded, determined to haughtily brazen her way from this situation. She was a fool to let things go this far. She would not be controlled by her lust for this demon of seduction no matter how beautiful he was.

“Mine,” he replied.

I’ve inventoried recently and discovered I still have lots of copies of my books that I can legally give away, including this one. Forty-five copies of various books to be exact. Hmmmm…sounds like some contests might be in the works.

Stay tuned after Valentine’s Day. Speaking of Valentine’s…don't forget to check the right pane for a nifty contest where you can win books and bring me down to forty-four. And don't forget to comment on today's blog and tell me your most romantic moment for a chance to win a copy of Wedding Jitters. Comments must be in by 9 AM EST, February 15th.

Have a romantic day! ~~Brynn


Kelly Kirch said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Brynn! Alas, I have read Wedding Jitters. I highly recommend it to the rest of you.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, Brynn!! what a great book to begin your publishing career with!!

Dakota Rebel said...

Ok, you said MY most romantic moment, so I will share a story of the most romantic thing I have said to anyone. At least, he said it was the most romantic thing he had ever heard anyway.

We went out for a friend's birthday last weekend. We rented a room at an asian karaoke place. I was singing with said friend when Mr. Rebel came back in the room from wherever he had gone to escape the noise for a minute. I stared at him, completely losing my place in the song as it hit me that after 7 years with him I still have the BIGGEST crush on him.

I told him about it later and he did the "awwww...." face and kissed me and told me he would love me forever and blah blah blah.

Anyway, I think it is pretty darn romantic to still be that in love with him.

Plus I WANT that book! LOL


Anny Cook said...

Happy Valentines Day! I've also read the book, but Happy Anniversary too! And many more, right?

Jennifer Armintrout said...

I think a contest is exactly what is in order. I already have the book, but I support the idea of giving free stuff away always.

Dakota Rebel said...

Am I the only A-hole who hasn't bought your first book?

I bought the new one, does that count?


Brynn Paulin said...

I would hardly classify you that way. I know how many copies I've sold and it's not exactly the world population, lol.

Thanks for getting the latest book. I hope you enjoy (enjoyed) it.

Smut Girl said...

Well, congratulations. Love the excerpt. And 45 copies! Jeeza peeza! I wonder why that woman in the white gloves doens't have her hand about six inches lower. Or is that just me?

Could be. No oxygen does odd things to the human brain :)
Happy Valentine's Day!

sterlingwriter said...

Most romantic? Tough call, but it was our first Valentine's Day and Mr. Why-aren't-you-writing surprised me with a lovely bouquet. Isn't he sweet?

Ashley Ladd said...

Congrats on your new book. Many happy sales.

My most romantic moment was slow dancing slow kissing on the disco floor when I was stationed in Biloxi with the Air Force.

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you had a romantic one.

Molly Daniels said...

Happy Anniversary, Brynn! I'll have to add this one to the list:)

My most romantic moment started off as a 'bitch-fest'...the idiot I was with in '89 took me to dinner; I realized we were discussing weddings and what we liked/disliked and steered the conversation away from said subject. Next I realize we're now talking about kids' names...again, I changed the subject. After dinner, he wanted to take a carriage ride. It was raining, and we didn't have coats or an umbrella...I wanted to go home. He insisted. I complained the entire 2 blocks, and them complained some more when the driver gave us 2 choices of routes, and mine wasn't the one chosen. And then just as we passed the canal in downtown Indianapolis, he asked me to marry him and produced the ring. I was so stunned I couldn't speak! Here I'd been a totally spoiled brat...and he STILL wanted to marry me?

Unfortunately, six months later, I couldn't take HIS attitude anymore and threw the ring across the room. But that's still the most romantic proposal I ever got...and there have only been 3.