Friday, February 15, 2008

Busy Day and Vampires

Today has flown past! It could be because I got up late today after going to a concert last night or because I've had lots of business dealings to complete but now I find it's mid-afternoon and I'm just getting to my blog. Time flies...

First off, part of what I did earlier was the drawing for Wedding Jitters. Congratulations ASHLEY LADD! Check your email. I need to know what format you'd like me to send. If you didn't win, stay tuned. A new contest is coming soon.

Speaking of contests, you have a few hours left to enter the Eternally Yours contest. Check the right pane of my blog for details. Do it now...details will disappear in the morning. If you missed my clue, here it is: My darling, I could spend eternity with you, thinking up new ways to have fun together.

I got a new review for Tribute for the Goddess today. Thank you NovelTalk and reviewer Melissa Kammer. Here's part of the review:

Brynn Paulin has penned a sweltering story. The characters are hot for each other and the sex scenes could set the pages on fire. She knows how to capture the reader’s attention, and keep it glued to the pages. This story was fascinating and had a few unexpected events. I was enamored with the characters, and I hope there will be future tales with some of the secondary characters. TRIBUTE FOR THE GODDESS is an extraordinary tale that shows there are no limits to love.

The entire review can be viewed at:

On to were wondering how they fit in, weren't you? I love vampire books and this has been a vampire week. On Wednesday, I interviewed Jennifer Armintrout who writes phenomenal vampires in the series Blood Ties, out with Mira books. I've also completed the interview for next week with Dakota Rebel. We all know her vampire book, Sweet Dreams, rocks. In addition to that I'm reading Captive Fantasy by L. Rosario. OMG OMG OMG! LOVE IT! It's an ebook, but you can also get it in print. If you want a really hot vampire bite, treat yourself to this book. In the not as steamy, but extremely good category is the other vampire book I'm reading [see I told you guys I read a lot]. It's Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands. Love the book and if you've ever wondered who my favorite author is, wonder no more. Lynsay claimed that spot years ago. I love her books. I love her vampires--although they prefer to be called immortals.

See? It's been vampire-a-riffic this week. Obviously this isn't the only genre I read, but it is my favorite. Ironically, I don't know that I will ever do a vampire book. I have four written, but they're just sitting in my hard-drive collecting cyber-dust and waiting to be harvested. This is exactly as organ donor-y as it sounds. Just like a Robin Cook story, they're in a sort of stasis keeping their bits and pieces safe until I need them to give another story life. I have so many partial WIPs from my pre-published years, many of which need total rewrites. I'd like to somehow give them life and this is my way.

Well, I'm off to work on my current work in progress. This one won't be kept around for its bits and pieces. It already has a release date of April 21 from Total-e-bound. I'll be finishing it up with in the next few days...more on this next week.

One final thing...swing on over to Hitting the Hot Spot and read Bronwyn's blog on Misconceptions About the Romance Genre. Thank goodness it's not about misconceptions about romance writers. I was afraid I'd have to sell my high heels and purple feathered boa on ebay and give up the high-priced champagne I sip to candlelight while I spin my sultry tales. But it's not, and I'm safe for another day. Cheers!



Bronwyn's Blog said...

Is it a bad time to tell you that I borrowed your heels and boa?

For what it's worth, I wish you'd dust off those vampire stories and submit them somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Bron forgot to mention that we killed your last bottle of high priced champagne too. Sorry about that.

I agree with her about the vamps though. I would love to read your vampy work. I too love vampires (did you know) and I think a Brynn vampire novel is a great idea.


Brynn Paulin said...

Sigh...nothing is sacred. At least I still have my candles...right? No one took those. Please tell me no one took them.

I'll think about the vampire books. They're just sitting there but need rewrites. We'll see.

L. Rosario said...

Just found your mention of my book, and wanted to say thanks for reading it and a bigger thanks for enjoying it!!!!
All my best!
L Rosario ;)

Ashley Ladd said...

Wow, Brynn. I won! How about either pdf or html or Word rtf. I can read any of those.

This has been the best week for me. I got good news, like I'd hoped. I'm afraid to announce it on my own blog as it won't be common knowledge until Monday and I gave my business cards to a couple coworkers. My good news is that I was just promoted to Manager of Customer Service and a decent pay raise. My MBA hasn't been a total waste after all. I thought it was collecting dust all these years. I got the darned thing in 1990, so what's 18 years until I get into management? Well, I was manager once before for a couple years and got demoted. So I'm really nervous. A couple of the same ladies who gave me hell back then are still there. I didn't think the same company would ever promote me again. Wish me luck.

Anyway, I do like you when it comes to some novels or bits of novels collecting cyber dust. Occasionally I dust them off and restart - like Wild Fantasies. The first chapter was sitting in my 'puter for a year or two at least. Then one day, I finally felt inspired that was the one to finish now.

Kelly Kirch said...

There's this really great regency out right now too. Hmm. Wonder what it's called Time for something. Hmmm. I'll figure it out eventually. ;)

Anny Cook said...

At least your bits and pieces are on a COMPUTER! Mine are printed out (dot matrix printer) and residing in a BOX collecting dust. Sigh. If I want to use them I have to retype them in the computer. I did use a bit of one for Everything Lovers Can Know, but that's really time consuming.

So use them before the computer file becomes obsolete!

Anny Cook said...

PS: I borrowed the candles...