Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tripendicular, Dude!

Like, oh my God! It’s eighties flashback on Brynn’s blog.

You always have to remember, no matter what you're told, that God loves all the flowers, even the wild ones that grow on the side of the highway. - Cyndi Lauper

Okay quick poll…Who remembers:
Who shot JR?
ET’s favourite candy?
What Yuppie means?
The key members of the Brat Pack? There were eight of them.
What happened Oct. 18, 1987? Ooooh that’s a tuffy.
The names of the original 5 VJs? And what exactly a VJ is…?

Here’s a few things I remember for the eighties. Oh, there is so much…when the eighties started I was in grade school and when they ended I was in college. My bangs were like four inches tall. The taller the better baby. And I had a major crush on Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran. I subsequently had all Duran Duran’s albums and saw them in concert twice. Very cool. (Anyone else like him?? I also thought Molly Ringwald and Madonna were totally tubular. And I adored Cyndi Lauper. Speaking of weird hair…I really liked Boy George too. I had hats. Just like his. And cabby hats. I never wore those really popular Jelly shoes because they hurt my feet but I had lots of leg warmers, neon socks and other clothes, bangle bracelets and a Michael Jackson look-alike coat. By the way, I did see the Victory Tour concert in Detroit.

I saw the original Footloose at the movies for less than five dollars and was mortified when my best friend at the time (NOT Bronwyn) decided to try all the dance moves at the club we used to frequent – this same friend sang the theme from Robin Hood at her wedding…but that was the nineties. My mom wouldn’t let me see Purple Rain when it first came out, but I had the music and later saw it on HBO. Same with Blue Lagoon. I was horrified to catch my son watching that the other day. Thankfully, it was on a network channel and the nude parts were edited from my thirteen year old’s eyes. Oh I so get it now…that came out in 1980 when I wasn’t even close to high school. One of my favourite movies (oh the shame) was Valley Girl. Hey, I've always liked Nick Cage.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gawd, indeed.

I recall that best-friend-at-the-time's wedding. It was hard not to look horried when the bride TRIED to sing that theme song.

I always wondered what the priest thought when she was singing "I'd lie for you..." etc.

I forgot until you posted the picture that Nick Cage was in Valley girls. His hair was sooo long and thick. Now, it's thin and nearly transparent.

Thanks for the laughs.
- Stephanie

Stephanie Michels said...

Duh. Spell check!

The word "horried" in the previous post was meant to be "horrified".


Dakota Rebel said...

Ok, so not to sound like a baby, but I was born in 1980. And I know the answer to every question except what happend in October 87. I love brat pack movies, I watched Dallas with my mom (I had a HUGE crush on Patrick Duffy when I was a kid. Who didn't love Bobby?) I still love the 80's and everything they embody. I love the punky-valley girl stuff. Do you remember Earth Girls Are Easy with Gena Davis and Jim Carey and Jeff Goldblum? That was one of my favorite movies. Damon Wayans looked like a kid in that movie.

Thanks for the blast from the past.


Molly Daniels said...

OMG...this brings back so many memories! Not sure about what happened on 10-18-87 either, and can't name the original VJ's. And I've got 7 out of 8 Brat Packers.

I, too had leg warmers, and had 1 pair of Jellies. Saw Footloose at the movies.

I still have my (signed)Victory Pepsi can, with the holes poked in the bottom so we could syphon the liquid out. Tab is still untouched!

My fav Boy George song is 'Church of the Poisened Mind'; fav video is 'Alive and Kicking' by Simple Minds and 'Crazy For You' by Madonna.

Thank God my male best friend opted to stay home when I saw 'Purple Rain' on eyes popped out of my head more than once! I was 14 heading into 1980 and exiting college in the summer of '89.

And talked Valley for an hour in Colorado at age 17 because there was a cute guy from Ft.Worth, Texas, who said he liked Valley Girls. Did I ever see him again? No. But that jeep tour down Engineer Mountain is still one of my favorite memories from that vacation:)

I also confess I have never seen Blue Laggoon, the R version. Finally saw the R version of Saturday Night Fever a few years ago:)

Kelly Kirch said...

87, was that Challenger? I was in middle school at the time, so my memory is iffy. I remember jelly shoes and jelly bracelets and off the shoulder sweatshirts with paint splatters on them. Parachut pants (had two but dad called me whistle britches when I wore them for the sound they made when I walked) and the sequined glove for MJ. Yep. I was there. Ack. I hope they don't return.

sterlingwriter said...

October '87? I was six months pregnant, but I don't think you're looking for my memories of stuffing bread and gravy in my mouth to satisfy a craving, are you?

Molly Daniels said...

No, Kelly...Challenger was in '86, and in January. Although if you read my 1st book, it explodes memory was faulty and thought it was '85!

Was it the crash of the stock market?

Dakota Rebel said...

My daughter informed me that Zac Effron was born on 10.18.87, but I don't think that was what you were looking for here.

I think the stock market crash did happen that day too.


Molly Daniels said...

Is he the guy from HSM? Or in some band? They all look alike to me.

Amarinda Jones said...

the 80's - erk - never want to re-visit that era

Kelly Kirch said...

I know what it is. You and Bron are out carousing aren't you? If I have to drive up there and yank you by the ear.... Who am I kidding? Get me a margarita, I'm on my way.

Anny Cook said...

1987... I was married twenty years... my youngest kid was in rehab... and I was seriously considering running away without leaving a forwarding address. Does any of that count?

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I'd like it to be known that I was not the friend bustin' the dance moves or singing at my wedding.

Okay...I give up - what happened on October 18th, 1987...besides the fact that I was probably blowing off my college algebra class?

Smut Girl said...

Nick's your buddy. Nick's your pal. Nick's the kind of guy you can puke in his car...
Name that movie! LOL.

But I preferred John Taylor, thanks. Fer sher.

barbara huffert said...

I can name the brat pack and I'm with Dakota when it come to Earth Girls are Easy. (Actually have that one!) How about the Cyndi Lauper/Jeff Goldblum movie where they were psychics? Sorry, not up on much of the rest...I always have ignored most of the world although I did go to see Rocky Horror at midnight multiple times.