Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Three

Here are three things you might not know about me and probably never wanted to know...

I'm a Tinkerbell fan. Really I am. Tinkerbell stationary. Tinkerbell quilt and pillow (thanks Bron). Tinkerbell cell phone cover. Tinkerbell on my purse and laptop case. Tinkerbell on my office walls... My first erotic romance was about a fairy. Coincidence? Probably not. Now my heroine in that book wasn't remotely fashioned after Tinkerbell, but she has the Tink attitude in spades. You gotta like that. Attitude.

I love Oreos. I used to like the outsides best but lately I've really been into the cream filling. They're great with milk. They're great with coffee. Frankly, Oreos are the perfect snack. They’re featured in at least three of my favourite desserts. And I have none in the house since I’ve restarted Weight Watchers. Oreos…Weight Watchers…Coincidence? Probably not.

I have three names. Three full names. That’s not uncommon for an author. One is my pen name. One is my work name. And one is the name by which the rest of the world knows me. One of them might be Tink R. Bell. You want to talk about split personalities…? lol. I don’t have MPD but sometimes it feels as if I do. There are days when I seriously have to think, “Okay. Wait…who am I right now?” Then of course there’s Sophie. Just Sophie. No last name. She’s the snarky side of me and she has a very low tolerance for teenagers and for idiot drivers (sometimes the same people). Sophie has a mild case of road rage, though she’d never act on it. I had to start reigning her in when my son started frequently using the word idiot. Oops. Well...mother of the year isn't one of my personas.


Bronwyn's Blog said...

Well, technically Sophie has a very low tolerance for most things. ;)

I love your Tinkerbell collection - it's adorable.

Amarinda Jones said...

No, I don't get the Oreo - Weight Watchers connection because any food that provides happiness is not fattening. It's an endorphine thing I believe.

Smut Girl said...

I'm up to six or seven me's so...I feel much better now! Mmm...Oreos. Yum.

Kelly Kirch said...

Don't like Oreos. Good going in, not so good on the out. TMI. AJ's going to grimace. Haven't given much thought to Tinkerbell 'cept maybe she needs a spankin'. And the personalities? Have Nooooooo idea about any of that stuff. Nope.

Food Fave: currently seared tuna
collectable: None
Road rage: Been dangerously on the receiving end of gang rage. Would never do that to someone else. Scared me sh*tless. Shoulda eaten Oreos I guess.

Dakota Rebel said...

Split personalities are fun. As my daughter tells me all the time:

"Mommy, you are going to Hannah Montana famous."

I assume that means I get to have a normal life because I use a fake name for writing.

Mr. Rebel gets really mad at me when I refer to Dakota as if she were a real person who is not me.

Ah well. I love Oreos too. And I have also given them up. Boo.

Molly Daniels said...

If a bag of Oreos or Double-Stuff land in my house and I'm the only one home, the bag will slowly disappear in two days. If my kids know about it...two hours, tops.

sterlingwriter said...

Damn, I forgot about Sophie. Let's see if she'll come out and play. I'll bring my Tinkerbell bag next time I see you and see if she gets jealous. Heh.

Anny Cook said...

So, I always wanted to be an Anny and when I began to write, that's what I picked. Now, there are very few people who call me by my "real" name. And sometimes I look around and wonder who they're talking to. Heh.