Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sweeney Todd!!!

There was Johnny Depp. There was Helena Bonham Carter. There was Alan Rickman. There was Sacha Baron Cohen. There was lots and lots of blood—and yes I was a wuss and squinched away whenever I knew it was coming. Oh yeah, and there was Johnny’s butt in those wonderful pants…while climbing stairs. I need a screen shot of that cell of film.

Now, if musicals aren’t for you, this film will be like listening to cats stuck in a bagpipe. I like musicals, and since I didn’t know much about the movie going in to it, I was delightfully surprised. Though I’d never seen Sweeney Todd, I knew it was a musical, but I thought perhaps this might be an adaptation of the story—without music.

And Depp can sing. He’s actually got a pretty nice voice. So does Alan Rickman. So yeah, I was in seven shades of glory to find he’s in the movie. Rickman could sing to me for a year and I wouldn’t get bored. His voice is better than ‘pretty nice’. Helena Bonham Carter did well too. The others were a little too operatic for me…but hey, that’s just not my thing. Since most of the singing is Depp, Rickman and Bonham Carter I didn’t mind in the least.

Now, if you like romance…you might be utterly enthralled with what I’d call a demented romance. As a romantic, I understood a love so deep it would turn someone a bit mad with revenge. And oh the revenge. Lots and lots of it.

And if you like horror…Have I mentioned the abundance of blood? Buckets even.

I get bored easily, but there was never a time in the showing that I wondered how much longer it would go. It does keep you enthralled. How could it not? Tim Burton directed. And he had a cast of great method actors. All three of the leads have an ability to become whatever character they’re playing. This wasn’t Johnny Depp whiling away a few hours reciting lines from a script. He was Sweeney Todd. I like that about him. Yeah, there’s a little ‘Jack’ in everyone he portrays, but I think maybe that little bit of Jack is actually a little of Depp. Helena Bonham Carter ranged from hysterically funny to serious and back to a little crazy. I loved her character. That said, I sure could have used a lot more Alan Rickman. He played the bad guy without being over the top. And well, I’m not gonna lie. I happen to be a little in love with him.

Okay, overall…it’s dark. It’s bloody. It’s not really a “feel good” movie, but you don’t walk away bawling about the outcome either. Good acting. Nice cinematography. Even a bit funny. Do NOT take the kids. Take your sweetie or your best friends like I did, and have fun. Enjoy Johnny's butt in those pants and Alan Rickman's divine voice.

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Dakota Rebel said...

I am totally excited that it was kept a musical. In all of the commercials I have seen there hasn't been a lick of singing, so I too thought it had been adapted. Oh man, I cannot wait to see this movie. And I have to make sure I don't tell Sweetie I know it is a musical. He would never go. Hates everything about this movie, Depp, Burton, music he is going to be ripping his hair out. But I will be in heaven. I love Alan Rickman too. Ever since Die Hard, yummy.


Stephanie Michels said...

Thanks for the great review. This sure sounds intriguing. I've seen Sweeny Todd live by a local amateur theater group. I can only imagine how much better the FX were on the big screen.

Did you get any rest after your 24-hour project or did you see buckets of blood every time you closed your eyes?

- Steph

Amarinda Jones said...

Okay, so the two 'B's' have a thing for Johnny Depp...that's understandable

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Give you hubby a big kiss for me - it was soooooooooooo awesome!!!

Kelly Kirch said...

This is the best line: cats stuck in a bagpipe. That is so freakin funny, woman!

That's it then. I must go see this flick. Must must must.... which is the term for an elephant in heat. How appropriate. Sigh.

Anny Cook said...

So after your review, I might even venture out for my yearly visit to a theater. Hmmmm.