Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Clarification

I'd like to clarify. I ordered snow not ice. I hate ice. Blech! When it's followed by a 20 degree temperature jump and lots or rain, turning it to three inches of thick slush, it sucks. Yes, you heard me...Sucks!!!

Speaking of crap, my youngest child is one step closer to being voted from the island. My sweet baby who attends church and Sunday school every week, who has been taught better decided Friday would be a great day to drop the F-bomb in gym class. And he's suspended for Monday. Growl!!! You know what, he deserves it. I wouldn't dream of saying he doesn't. Man I'm twinked with him. He sooooooo knows better than to ever say that. He tried to justify it by saying he'd said it accidentally. He's spending Monday writing me a report about integrity--complete with hand drawn pictures...colored.

Since I was finding lovely reading material for the island refugee, I dragged out the Science Fair book. The dreaded Science Fair. My kids go to a science school, so this is a big deal. Projects start in January and run to end of March. They're part of every class and there's lots of parent work. It's hell. Even the teachers shudder at it.

We're getting a jump on it this year...starting early. The older one will be doing something from the Engineering track and the younger will be doing something from Human Anatomy. Experiments, reports, presentations, displays, presentations... it's like a job. Every year during science fair, I consider moving them to another school. An easier school. A place where they don't care about science... I don't of course. I make the kids do the projects and pretend it's fun. The younger got first place two years the work pays off.

Speaking of work paying off...I got a review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews. Here are some clips (cause I've heard you're not allowed to post the whole review):

All Chained Up is the perfect erotic tale of a master and his slave. Even though Theo and Keera have respect and trust, they cross those lines from simple lovemaking to some interesting S&M playing. Theo is a very dominant lover and believes that Keera belongs to him in everyway. He even has a special chain made for her so she knows who her body and of course heart belongs to. I was surprised by how well written Theo was. He wasn’t a selfish man who only cared about his needs.

Fans of Brynn Paulin’s past work will not be disappointed with her latest story. All Chained Up was my first read by Ms. Paulin and if I have the chance to read another one of her stories, I won’t hesitate to pick it up.

That by alone was a big pick me up. Have fun!!! Brynn


Bronwyn's Blog said...

I second the blech. The ice is going to make tomorrow a freaking nightmare.

BTW, my youngest may be joining your youngest in exile soon. GRRRR

Congrats on another awesome review!!!

Dakota Rebel said...

Blech indeed. I hate winter at it's most wonderlandish. This ice storm followed by fog and downpouring rain followed by the fact that it is all going to freeze tonight. *Shudder. You people and your winter.

My daughter taught me to watch my mouth in front her in a great way as well. When she was in kindergarten I was called into a parent conference. I was then told that my sweet 5 year old daughter had told an unruly classmate (quite loudly I was informed) "That's why people beat their children."

The horror which can drop from the mouths of babes.


Kelly Kirch said...

Dear Dissatisfied Customer,

We regret the incovenience and take complete responsibility for the mixup in your order. Snow will be forthcoming without further cost. Please keep the ice as our free gift to you this holiday season. If the cloud bank does not arrive in 7-10 business days, please notify us immediately so we my recitfy the problem.

Your business is important to us!

Weather Management.

PS. We do not, however, claim responsibility for falling F-bombs.

Molly Daniels said...

Now you know why I hibernate in the winter time!

Anny Cook said...

I once gathered my sweet children together after a particularly nasty disaster and informed them that they were allowed one f***up at which time I would stand behind them. After that they were on their own.

Many years later, my son and I sat at the police station while the officer asked my son if he was going to be seeing him again in a professional capacity.

My son said, "No sir."
Officer: "What assurance do I have of that?"
Son: "Well, my mom said that we're allowed one ...(fill in the blanks)
Officer: Well, do you believe her?
Son: Yes, sir. She never says anything she doesn't mean.
Officer: Nice knowing you. Now get out of here.

Amarinda Jones said...

"Perfect erotic tale" I believe that beats snow and ice