Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Snow Advisory

The towel set, partially pictured on the left is legendary. Truthfully they’ve taken on almost mythic proportions. You see, when I put them out, people swear it snows. I’m not going to confirm or deny this. I’ll admit, it snows a lot when I have them out. As a matter of fact, last April when I had them out, we had a blizzard. A snow-to-your-waist blizzard. Certain people of my acquaintance swear it’s my fault. They swear that once they go up in my bathroom, it will snow. They have threatened to steal and destroy the towels. Please! They were a gift. You can’t. Besides, should the towels on my bathroom towel bar be given such power?

This said, It should be known that the towels are out. I expect snow within the next 24 hours. Drive carefully and check your wiper fluid.

It’s the perfect night for cookies and hot chocolate. Fittingly enough, I bought two mongo-huge boxes of hot chocolate packets from Sam’s Club today and I’m making cookies tonight. Mostly the cookies are to take to my brother and sister-in-law’s for Thanksgiving, but I’m sure there will be enough for little snacks tonight. I’m making Danish Spritz cookies and Mexican wedding cookies. I am neither Danish nor Mexican, but I love these particular cookies. Yummy.

The wedding cookies were a last minute decision so I had to go to the store and get pecans this afternoon. I figured by going early, I’d miss the Thanksgiving grocery crowd. Big mistake. It was a zoo! Bodies everywhere. They were all still breathing when I left the store…in case you were wondering. I only growled under my breath once. Anyhoo, it seems that everyone and their sixteen brothers was at the store—and in front of my cart. I’m sorry, it’s like the road! Look before crossing aisles! I did my very best to be super pleasant. I can’t spread the Holiday Spirit if I’m a hag. Oh but it was tempting.

I may need extra cookies.

Children: It was Boy Scout night. The assistant who’s supposed to be teaching the camping badge didn’t show for the second week in a row. Thank goodness I had a back-up plan. We practiced knots…and I contemplated demonstrating them to (on???) my husband last night but I was too tired. Maybe tonight. Whoops, that probably shouldn’t be under kids. Oh well, I’m sure there won’t be permanent mental scarring. My kids are the ones who said “Mom, when you’re done doing what you’re doing, I need to talk to you.” Little mood breakers!!
Loads of laundry: 2
Words Written: 200


sterlingwriter said...

Legendary, smegendary. You wait until Bill and Craig, the Weather Twins, say it's going to snow, then you sneak out the towels and claim psychic powers. I'm on to you.
No, the stores were busy last night, too. I went to the big M and had to kick aside small children and motorized carts to buy my turkey. Jeez, you'd think the holiday snuck up on people or something.
Hubby and knots? Sounds kind of kinky. TMI

Brynn Paulin said...

Pure coincidence. I put them out before any of their not so great reports. I think they're hardly ever right anyway.

Anyway, explain April, lol. AND...I never claimed psychic powers, but now that you've brought it up...

Molly Daniels said...

I got lucky tonight. Ran out of Sweet-n-Low (a must-have around here!) and reluctantly went to Walmart. Yes, it was a zoo. But, as I headed for the farthest checkout lane with my box of sweetner and four other forgotten items, I came across lane with the only customer gathering her receipt and telling the checker "Thank you." I immediatly popped in before the 50 idiots at the other end standing in line noticed and was out the door in a few minutes. Total trip: 30 mins:) And 20 of it was travel time:)

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I believe in the power of the towels...and that power is evil...pure evil.

Smut Girl said...

Is it snowing yet? Can I have your towels? Please! It is seventy-two frickin' degrees here. The turkeys do not even have to be put in the oven to cook! (!@#$%^!*&! I say!). Dammit.

Got any cookies? Cookies are my one true love. And wine. Two true loves. Then there's pie...uh. Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

Amarinda Jones said...

Hmmm...towels that bring snow...uh huh, so is it just hot chocolate you are drinking?