Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Book Cover – Master Me

I’ve received the new cover for my January Ellora’s Cave release, Master Me. Whoo hoo. I like it. Anyway, I wanted to share it with y’all. Here’s a peek at what the book’s about:

Ana knows she’s a submissive but hasn’t ever found a real Dominant. Bad boys had never lived up to their reputations and most Doms had turned out to be nothing more than bullies. When her longtime friend Max surprises her by turning her over his knee for the spanking she’s always wanted, her body explodes with long repressed desire.

Max knows it’s time to stop hiding his lifestyle from Ana. It might destroy their friendship but he can’t watch her destroy herself instead. He offers to temporarily train her then help her find a Dom. But now that she’s kneeling at his feet, they both discover exactly what she’s needed all these years. Max’s mastery will be anything than temporary.

Now I’ll cut to the chase and get to the final book in the Camouflaged Hearts anthology. It’s from my critique partner and best friend, Bronwyn Green. It’s a beautiful story set in WWII Wales—and I’m not saying that because I’m biased. I don’t put icing on no junk, lol. It’s good. Really good. As a matter of fact, it’s sky-rocketed to my favourite read this year. Bronwyn has based the opening on how her grandparents met, but the rest, she’s quick to point out, is all her. Her grandparents never shared the hot bits. My opinion…probably a good thing.

Here’s the blurb:

'From the Ruins' by Bronwyn Green

Cardiff Wales, 1943—Moira Boulton never expected her instant attraction to the American she meets thousands of miles from his home. Not in her home town. Not in the midst of a war. But there's no denying the desire burning between her and the foreign soldier, David Webber.
They barely have time to explore the explosive force between them when an air raid drives them to take shelter. Alone in a dark cellar, with bombs dropping overhead, they take comfort in each other and their undeniable passion.

When David disappears without a word, Moira is left to wonder, if a passion that burned so bright was nothing more than a pleasant diversion or if they actually can salvage a relationship from the ruins.


“Where are you going? I just got here.”

Moira Boulton and her friend, Bethan, stopped on the stairs of the USO dance hall and stared at the handsome stranger with the American accent and the glacier-blue eyes. Her breath stalled in her chest as she met his gaze. She would have thought that eyes the colour of a winter sky would be cold and remote, but not his. Fiery and intense, his gaze raked over her body, sending tingles coiling through her middle.

Despite his overly forward behaviour, her lips twitched in amusement. “I’m sorry, sir, but do we know each other?”

Flashing her a devastating smile, he bowed slightly, his burnished brown hair drooping over his forehead. “I’m Private David Webber of the United States Army, and if I’m not mistaken, you’re the mother of my future children.”

His companions whom she’d barely noticed chuckled good naturedly as a startled laugh escaped her. “The mother of your children, you say?”

“Well, future children,” he said with a wink.

“How often does that line actually work?”

“I don’t know. You’re the only one I’m ever going to say it to.”

He obviously wasn’t serious, but he was charming. Shaking her head in bemusement, she offered him her hand. “I’m Moira Boulton and this is my friend, Bethan Jones.”

He nodded politely to her friend as his large, warm hand closed around Moira’s. “Will you give me the honour of the next dance?” he asked. “After all, we have a wedding to plan.”

For a moment, she imagined the sensation of laying her head against his broad chest and feeling his strong arms around her. It was tempting to return to the loud, crowded hall, but she needed to get home. “The last bus is leaving shortly, and we need to be on it.”

His disappointment appeared genuine, but how could it be? After all, they’d just met. “I’m sure there are plenty of other girls inside who would love to dance with you,” she said as she pulled her hand free, ignoring the sour feeling in her stomach as she imagined Mary Katherine Landis in his arms.

He frowned waving away the suggestion and cocked his head toward the open door of the dance hall. “Give me your hand.”

There was something about this man that encouraged her trust. Even if Bethan hadn’t been there, she’d still feel safe with him, but somehow that same sense of trust left her feeling somewhat unnerved. They were in the middle of a war, for God’s sake, not to mention the fact they didn’t know one another. But as she studied his open expression, she realised she wanted to know him. Taking a leap of faith, she placed her hand in his again and allowed him to lead her to the walk-way at the bottom of the stairs.

A lively tune drifted from the building along with the scent of cigarette smoke, and David gently pulled her into his arms. “At least give me the pleasure of a dance until your bus arrives.”
She glanced around the street. “Here?”

He gestured to the darkening sky. “The moon is almost full, and the stars seem nearly close enough to touch. But you’re still the most beautiful sight here.”

Following his lead, she swayed to the faint strains of music. “You’re a right charmer, Mr. Webber.”

“David,” he corrected smoothly. “And I only speak the truth.”

She had no doubt she was nothing more than a passing fancy for him. After all, he was stuck in a foreign country, and she was a diversion. As handsome and charming as he was, she was likely one of many such diversions. The question was, did she care? Despite Bethan’s disapproving stare, Moira melted into David’s warm embrace.

He tucked her hair behind her ear as he stared into her eyes. “You’re a hard woman to catch, Moira.”
She frowned. “Beg your pardon?”
“I’ve been trying to meet you for the last three weeks, but every time I make it to the hall, you’re getting on that damnable bus.”

Moira laughed, shaking her head.

“It’s true. I snuck out early tonight in hopes of at least one dance with the most bewitching woman I’ve ever seen.”

His compliments warmed her, false though they might be. “You do tell a lovely tale.”

Shaking his head, he leaned toward her, his lips hovering above hers. “And you’re stubborn,” he muttered. “You ought to know, I’m about to kiss you.”

“I should hope so,” she breathed.

His lips brushed across hers, the barest of touches. With a soft caress, he cupped her cheek as he deepened the kiss. Opening against the gentle press of his mouth, her lips parted and welcomed the slight stroke of his tongue against hers. He tasted of coffee and rich, warm male.

For a moment, she forgot they were on a public street. She forgot that they’d only just met. She forgot everything but the pleasure of his kiss and the shelter of his embrace.

“Moira!” Bethan snapped, breaking the blissful spell David wove around her. “The bus is coming.”

David raised his head, regret plain in his gaze. “When can I see you again?”

She glanced at the approaching vehicle, torn between the desire to stay and the relief that she couldn’t. “I don’t know.”

“Be here tomorrow night.”

She took a step back, sanity trickling back. “How do I know you’ll be here?”

Releasing his hold on her, he unbuckled the brown leather band of his wristwatch and pressed the timepiece into her hand and held it there. “My sister gave this to me before I shipped out.”

Moira tried to follow his logic, but shook her head in confusion.

A warm smile curved the lips that had so recently been on hers. “She told me she’d kill me if I came home without it. “I’ll be back because I have to get my watch. And you’ll be here so you can return it to me.” Gently, he brushed her hair from her eyes. “I’ll be here to see you, because I can’t go home without it.”

Clearly pleased with his logic, he dropped another kiss on her upturned mouth.

“How do you know I won’t sell it in the meanwhile?”

“You won’t,” he said as he brushed his thumb over her cheekbone. He gave her another quick kiss and walked her to the open door of the bus.

Camouflaged Hearts is available for sale from Monday 12th November.
Erotic Rating Total-e-burning
Genre Action/Adventure, Ménage à Trois, Historical WWII
Book Length Anthology
ISBN# 978-1-906328-54-2


Jennifer Armintrout said...

I love the cover. It's free of unicorn horns and other possible weirdness, which is a big plus!

Amarinda Jones said...

I like the cover - the hero has the whole smart arse, sexy thing going on

Molly Daniels said...

Way to go Brynn:) This sounds interesting:)