Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Recap

So I’m not such a bad mom. I was all set to throw my son in a costume and traipse him about the neighbourhood when it started to pour outside. After all my guilt-ridden soul searching, he decided he’d rather stay in and watch movies—after all, I'd rented Spiderman 3 and Transformers.

That near drenching avoided, we moved on to the candy. I believe I may have started a new tradition. I made the kids get their Halloween bags. I had them going back and forth across the room between my mom and me. We each plied them different kinds of candy while they made goofy faces. And then the youngest says “Let’s go over here… this lady gives out the best candy.”

I’m the good candy lady.

Then I joked that they couldn’t eat their candy until I’d inspected it because “there are some weird people who live around here.” And the oldest says, “Yeah, mom, you…” He’s so sweet.

Apparently, I am the weird lady who gives out good candy.I’ve been called worse. Those who know me won’t be stunned by the assessment either.

Children: On a complete sugar buzz. Must remember to make dentist appointments tomorrow.
Trick or Treaters: 3
Words Written: 1000


Amarinda Jones said...

"The weird lady that gives out good candy"...if only I could acheive that acclaim

What? No laundry?

Molly Daniels said...

I'm always the 'good candy lady':) Dad used to send us boxes of F/L chips, and in the old neighborhood, our house was always visited by 're-runs' who kept coming back for more!

Kelly Kirch said...

I teach my kids not to take candy from weird people. Seems like in your neighborhood, they don't want their kids. Interesting.

I finally found you Brynn. I keep thinking I'll click on your avitar and find your blog until, ta dah, I scrolled around Bron's til I saw you. I know. Genius. I'm so quick on the uptake.