Friday, November 23, 2007

Guest Blogging at Hitting the Hot Spot

I'm guest blogging on BDSM over at the Total-e-bound blog today. If you get a chance, please stop by and be tied up a while. You can find the blog at

It seems fitting to share an excerpt from my upcoming BDSM erotic romance, Master Me. It will be available on January 9.


The Cress brothers are back...

Ana knows she’s a submissive but hasn’t ever found a real Dominant. Bad boys had never lived up to their reputations and most Doms had turned out to be nothing more than bullies. When her longtime friend Max surprises her by turning her over his knee for the spanking she’s always wanted, her body explodes with long repressed desire.

Max knows it’s time to stop hiding his lifestyle from Ana. It might destroy their friendship but he can’t watch her destroy herself instead. He offers to temporarily train her then help her find a Dom. But now that she’s kneeling at his feet, they both discover exactly what she’s needed all these years. Max’s mastery will be anything than temporary.


“I guess I’m just not submissive material.”

Right. And he didn’t have a cock. The flesh in question shoved against the fly of his jeans making its vote known and telling him it wanted to sink deep inside Ana. Big surprise there.

“Either you are or you aren’t,” he said, looking straight into her sky-blue eyes. “You are.”

She looked at him in surprise. “What would you know of it?”

He sat up. The master didn’t explain himself. His temporary slave would soon learn that and much more. “First, Tyler isn’t your master. He doesn’t deserve to be called that by anyone. Second, in any D/s relationship, the submissive is allowed boundaries. Hell, I know your boundaries. He should have taken the time to find out what you like and what you don’t. Before either of you agreed to anything, he should have known what you might do and what you absolutely won’t. Did he ever ask?”


“Push up your skirt a little,” he said suddenly, his tone relaxed as he eyed the black flippy skirt that she’d smoothed into place when she’d sat. He both loved and hated when she wore it. The light fabric danced around her legs when she walked, giving him teasing glimpses of her creamy thighs.

“What?” she exclaimed. His order visibly startled her, her eyes going wide. Nervously, she pulled her hem toward her knees. It was inches from touching.

He lowered his brows and added bite to his command. “Push up your skirt.”


“No? Now, see? This is the kind of thing we’ve discussed. This is not on your boundary list. Pushing up your skirt for the man you’re with is something you’d actually find sensual. Refusing to do it when it’s something you’ve deemed okay is disobedient.” He clamped down on the excitement unfurling inside him. This was where he’d cross the invisible line he’d placed between them all these years. “Now, come here.”

“Max?” she whispered uncertainly.

“Come. Here.” He spread his knees slightly and waited, striving to appear casual despite the blood pounding past his ears. There was nothing casual about what was about to happen. The days of ever-searching Ana and laid-back friend Max were over. Either he’d ruin a long-standing relationship or he’d take it to a new level.

She looked confused. Still, she got up and slowly walked toward him. He smiled as she again smoothed down her little skirt. That was unnecessary. He was about to get it all out of place.

Clasping her waist, he pulled her between his knees. She resisted too late, a flush creeping across her cheeks.

“Now bend,” he told her.

Her brows shot up. “What?”

Bend.” He stared into her turbulent blue eyes, daring her to disobey.

“I don’t—”

“Do it, Anastasia,” he growled.

She jumped slightly then started to bend toward him. Quickly, he turned her, ignoring her shriek, positioned her across his knee and trapped her thighs between his. He held her in place with an arm across her back.

“Max. Let me up,” she protested, twisting ineffectively.

“You see,” he began. “I know what you’ve been looking for and I know the thought of this turns you on.”

“Not with you.”

“Oh really?” He pushed up her skirt until it was bunched on her back, leaving her white panties visible.


Kelly Kirch said...

Happy guest blogging.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Brynn..explained a lot! Should have titled it, "Everything you ever wanted to know about BDSM but were afraid to ask!"

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Have I mentioned that I heart Max?