Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another New Cover – Tribute for the Goddess

I got my Tribute for the Goddess cover yesterday and I’m seven shades of thrilled and giddy beyond belief. This book is so special to me and now I have a cover that matches. A huge thank you to Lyn Taylor the cover artist!! This story will come out January 21 from Total-e-bound.

Here’s a peek:

When Jett, Goddess of the Zodiac Quadrant, flees her home and the rogue god hunting her, she knows has one place to hide—Earth. She calls on her pledged servant, Thad, for protection. Thad, however, isn’t willing to jump to her aid. He’s served Jett for two hundred years in a position he feels she tricked him into accepting. Now, he has conditions…

“Accept me as your god. You’re mine and you will obey me.”

It’s everything Jett’s wanted and completely forbidden. No mortal may touch a goddess without consequences. No goddess may indulge in her lust for her pledged servant without divine punishment. As her flight forces her into his arms, they break these laws of god and mortal to find a love that will never be allowed. Together, they fight her enemy, but in the end, their greatest enemy might be themselves.

The cover was a good way to top off the first full day of feeling better. This awful, rotten cold has played a terrible cat and mouse game with wellness for eight days, but today, finally, I have my energy back and feel well. It’s nice to mark more than ‘breathe’ off my to-do list. Trust me, sleeping and trying to breathe were just about the only tasks of the last eight days. Calling this a cold is an understatement I guess. Thank goodness it’s over. I can say I’ve gotten the year’s “one big sickness” behind me and go on illness-free. And get back to work!

I hate not working. Let me put this in perspective… I work at home. So my uniform is usually pyjamas or jeans. Brushing my hair is optional until 3:15 when I’m off to get the kids from school. I guess, then, it goes without saying that I eschew make-up and nylons. *SHUDDER* An easy life you might say, BUT as I write this, it’s 11:06 PM. I started work at 8:30 AM. Other than four hours away from my computer, I’ve been working non-stop. This is the norm for me. Seven days a week. I’ll knock off in about an hour.

My office is the corner of the living room couch where I can effectively supervise homework and mediate arguments. Oh, I have a real office, downstairs away from the commotion. The couch “office” is a compromise so I’m accessible. The kids don’t care what I’m doing as long as they can see me and ask questions… I like that I can hear what they’re doing/watching/listening to and stop them from raiding the kitchen, too. Of course the main share of my time off-line is between school dismissal and bedtime.

But I need to work. I love what I do. I tell you, this summer when I was away supervising Boy Scout camp for a week, with no cell or internet service, I nearly went into severe withdrawal. You might as well have cut off my fingers. Sure I found stuff to do, but I discovered quickly exactly how deep my addiction is.

It’s truly a sign of how sick I was that I barely blogged the last week. I barely responded to blogs or emails. I only checked my work email account and only dealt with the direly urgent. I couldn’t work because I couldn’t focus. I turned off my computer and slept eighteen to twenty hours a day.

I hate being sick like that. I’m so glad I can get back to work.

Children: Both living despite rumours that their status might change. Homework avoidance 8 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection.
Loads of laundry: 4
Words Written: 1200


Caley Greene said...

Love it!

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I love this story sooooooo much, and I'm so glad you got a cover worthy of it! It's absolutely gorgeous! Lyn is a genius!

Molly Daniels said...

Glad you're feeling better, dear:) You sound like me; it's nearly 11 am here, and I'm still in my pj's. Need to stop blogging and go shower so I can pick up my toddler...

Brynn Paulin said...

Thanks Molly. This has been really wretched. I hear this flu has been landing people in the hospital :-(

Bron and Caley - I'm glad you like it. I'm thrilled by it.

Kelly Kirch said...

Great cover, sexy, hot and wowie all at the same time. Your office is just like mine. I sit in the corner of the couch, central to the first floor. I worked out today and am still in my work out clothes. No, I haven't showered but I must as it is 1:37p and I can't be skanky all day. I love working at home as well. I will often open and begin my computer day at 7am and not stop til close to or after midnight. Who says writers don't work hard. I'll beat em.

Working out has kept me away too long this morning. May need to cease working out for, you know, the betterment of my craft and all.

Amarinda Jones said...

Excellent cover! Lynn does good work but then she's an Ausssie - it goes wihtout saying it would be good

sterlingwriter said...

What a great cover. Is this the one that used your book of wonder for inspiration?
Can't wait to read it and see how much it's changed from draft form.

Jennifer Armintrout said...

Hey, that's an awesome cover. That is pretty much exactly how I imagined Jett.