Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat (or Maybe, Just Stay Home)

Well… today is Halloween. I’m seriously thinking of bribing my kids to stay home. Yes, occasionally I bribe my children. Like the time this summer when I had fifteen thousand words to write in two days. There was significant bribery to leave mom be so she could write. They were thrilled to do it.

Seriously. They’re 11 and 13. They’ve already had a lot of good trick-or-treating years. I will buy them candy. They will get better stuff than they would have gotten if they’d scuttled from door to door begging for sugary handouts. And I won’t have to throw away the half that remains come Thanksgiving.

My main factor in this? It’s cold and rainy. The wind is howling in true Halloween fashion. It’s mid-afternoon and I’ve had to turn on my lights because it’s dark. It will be darker and colder later. I’m not fond of the Halloween ‘night’ part of Halloween. There you have it. I love the costumes. We do costumes for things at other times of the year. I like the decorating. I like handing out candy. I’m okay about the pumpkin carving. Trick-or-treating…meh. My kids usually get bored with it after about five houses. And since they both appear to be at least fifteen years old, there are always the sideways why-are-you-trick-or-treating-at-your-age looks. Hey, some people even say it out loud. That’s just not fun.

So, I think I’ll bribe them into staying home. I’m thinking…movies, food of their choice, candy and small Dungeons and Dragons item and I’ll be golden. Mostly this will be bribery of the younger one. The older one isn’t all that interested in going anyway. Whichever way we go, I’m sure to get a bad mom award. It can join my ever growing collection of medals.

Check this out: (pumpkin carving without the mess.)

Children: Living. Homework avoidance 1 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection. Halloween party at Boy Scouts. Ghoulish great fun.
Loads of laundry: 2
Words Written: 500

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Jennifer Armintrout said...

I pretended to have hideously painful ingrown toenails, so my husband had to take the kid out. I only had to mildly stub them on the couch to achieve the look.