Thursday, October 25, 2007

A sneak peek – Redemption: Fallen

As promised... here's the sneak peek at my latest manuscript. So I thought...what would happen if a guardian angel fell in love with his charge? And what would happen if he gave in to his temptation? The result? This story. Happy reading!


In all eternity Raphian never desired anyone more than Lissa Chase. As her guardian angel, he couldn’t touch her. Or shouldn’t have. Taunted by demons, he succumbed. One forbidden night in Lissa’s arms was everything he’d imagined it would be. And it condemned him, casting him to earth.

Lissa is stunned when the stranger from last night’s erotic dreams walks into her life to pick up where the dreams had left off. When she discovers last night was reality, she’s thrust into a battle of good and evil. While she decides if she can allow Raphian into her life, every demon in the vicinity is after the fallen angel to bring him fully to their side—even if it means using the woman he loves as bait.


After all this time, he’d fallen prey to his baser desires and been banished. Now of all times. When the portal between good and evil was thinned by the solstice.

Raphian watched the object of his lust as she sent her young charges onto the large yellow busses lining the drive in front of the school where she taught. She smiled at the children, waving as fat snowflakes swirled around her. A gust of wind ruffled her hair into a golden halo and he swallowed hard as his desire knotted through him again. He couldn’t escape it even for a moment—even though it had cost him everything he was.

She looked more angelic than he ever had. She shivered, reminding him it was cold as late December days were wont to be. He’d never experienced cold before today. Now the bitter air stabbed at his skin, reddening the exposed areas and making his bones ache. So this was cold… His wings had always kept it from him before as he’d performed his duties on earth.

Now, he had no duties.

He had no wings…

He’d succumbed to human desires and dared to want her. Charged to protect her, he’d betrayed his position. He’d lain with her during a dream, felt the soft folds of her womanhood embracing his manhood as he plunged within her. Bliss. Hours of incomprehensible bliss. He’d stepped from her sweet embrace straight to judgment.

There was no denying his action. His punishment was etched in the stones marking the kingdom. He’d broken the law given to the angels. Fallen.

The cold biting through him amplified the mark of his failure as he shuddered. Each jarring quiver pulled at his back. Reminding him. He was an angel no more. Angels had wings. He had pain.

Would it ever cease? Or would he forever feel the agony where the fiery sword had shorn away his wings? Long red wounds ran from shoulder to waist, seared closed by the flame.

Because he’d dared to want her.

For years, he’d protected her. Now, he’d protect her one last night. Today might be his first and last as a mortal. Tonight as the portal thinned for the winter solstice, the demons would break free. Every demon in the vicinity would be after one man—the former angel they wanted to bring to their side. He could once again have power and immortality. They’d offer him kingdoms and wealth. They’d even offer him the woman.

He could have everything, but at what price? With them, he’d never again know peace or love. Only hatred so deep his bones would ache worse than they did in this wretched cold. His chances for survival were slim. It mattered little. He may have fallen, but he wasn’t evil. Death and an eternity in limbo were preferable to joining their ranks.

Raphian’s being stirred as the universe called him to protect. Even without wings, that hadn’t changed. The demons would attempt to use her against him. They’d threaten her life. And her soul. From sunset to sunrise, they’d battle with every foul means at their disposal.

A wingless angel and a mortal woman against a horde? There was no way either of them would survive the siege unless they were together. And soon. The days were short and the sun already hung low in the sky. Every minute counted as the night drew close. The woman didn’t know him, yet she had to trust him before the looming darkness blotted the tiny spark of hope from his spirit.

With a silent prayer to one who wouldn’t listen, he stepped forward.

Children: One grouchy. One sick. Homework avoidance an even 5 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection. I spent a great deal of the day coddling my sick little guy.
Loads of laundry: 0
Words Written: 2,300


Molly Daniels said...

This sounds great! There was a Meg Ryan/Nicholas Cage movie similar to this, but I hated the ending! Hopefully your book will 'redeem' it:)

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I love this story so, so, SO much!

Amarinda Jones said...

Whoa! I nearly called 'Marlowe's Curse' Redemption. Great minds...and a great sneak peak

Brynn Paulin said...

Thanks everyone! I finished it and turned it in. Hopefully I can share more soon.

sterlingwriter said...

Jeez, you'd think I'd remember my passwords.
Lissa? My NaNo name! Didn't we have a common name spreadsheet once? It would be about a foot thick by now, a full-time position created to keep it updated.
Guardian angel/fairy godmother. One erotica, one comedy. Now, if we could get the fallen angel to have sex with the godmother for an erotic comedy, we'd have a best seller!