Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gearing up for NANO

That’s not nano-technology. NANO is my verbal shorthand for NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth, also called NANOWRIMO and I’ll be participating again this year as I have for the last three years. The goal is to write a 50K novel between November 1 and November 30. I’m bending the rule a little. After the book I’m completing this week, I need to complete a 15K and a 20K manuscript, so I’m planning to write those two books. If I have time, I’ll start on the third, a 30K book. My goal is not to write a 50K book, but to actually write 50K on my three designated projects. If I can complete the first two by November 30, I’ll be seven shades of thrilled.

I really look forward to November for this reason—NANOWRIMO. Of course, I think it’s a dumb month in which to have it. November??? Obviously this was a guy’s idea. Actually, it was. Chris Baty founded this movement and it’s detailed in his book No Plot? No Problem! It’s an excellent book. I read it and was instantly converted, as were several of my writing cohorts. More info about it can also be found at http://www.nanowrimo.org/.

If you have trouble making yourself write, if you have trouble finishing books, if you have trouble with editing as you write (stop that!!!) or if you just have a lot that you must get written, I certainly recommend trying NANO for yourself.

Children: Both still living. Teenager more tolerable than t’ween. Homework avoidance a 4 on the standard 1-10 scale. Youngest decided it would be a perfect day to ‘forget’ his lunch then later try to make me believe he had no homework. Does he not remember he’s a second child and I’ve done this once before? Parent torture looms closer.
Loads of laundry: 6
Words Written: 250 (decided to work 18 hrs instead)


Molly Daniels said...

I love your comment about children still living:) I too have teenagers...last night we were up till midnight, because the 13-year-old 'forgot' to make her cookies for a project. Got them made, but discovered we had no icing, and no powdered sugar to even make some! Hubby got dressed and went to the store. Project was due yesterday, but she 'forgot about it' until dinner time!

Dakota Rebel said...

I also just joined the NANO. I actually joined NANO AND Seventy Days of Sweat. I hope that combining the two compitions is not cheating. But I need some kind of kick in the behind to get writing.

If you don't mind me asking, what part of Michigan are you from? I live there too, so I was just curious.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I still think November is the most ridiculous month to have NANO. Clearly, the guy who invented it isn't responsible for any of the holiday prep in his home. Grrr....men.

Molly Daniels said...

I was going to do NANO last year, but we ended up moving. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it this year...and I'm bending the rules too...I want to get my 8th book in my series finished. It's on Ch 4, and I've discovered my characters really don't like each other...back to the drawing board!

Amarinda Jones said...

Nano huh? I cannot see me doing that although I can if pushed write a book in a month but I don't like any rules. I would let it go a month and 2 days