Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat (or Maybe, Just Stay Home)

Well… today is Halloween. I’m seriously thinking of bribing my kids to stay home. Yes, occasionally I bribe my children. Like the time this summer when I had fifteen thousand words to write in two days. There was significant bribery to leave mom be so she could write. They were thrilled to do it.

Seriously. They’re 11 and 13. They’ve already had a lot of good trick-or-treating years. I will buy them candy. They will get better stuff than they would have gotten if they’d scuttled from door to door begging for sugary handouts. And I won’t have to throw away the half that remains come Thanksgiving.

My main factor in this? It’s cold and rainy. The wind is howling in true Halloween fashion. It’s mid-afternoon and I’ve had to turn on my lights because it’s dark. It will be darker and colder later. I’m not fond of the Halloween ‘night’ part of Halloween. There you have it. I love the costumes. We do costumes for things at other times of the year. I like the decorating. I like handing out candy. I’m okay about the pumpkin carving. Trick-or-treating…meh. My kids usually get bored with it after about five houses. And since they both appear to be at least fifteen years old, there are always the sideways why-are-you-trick-or-treating-at-your-age looks. Hey, some people even say it out loud. That’s just not fun.

So, I think I’ll bribe them into staying home. I’m thinking…movies, food of their choice, candy and small Dungeons and Dragons item and I’ll be golden. Mostly this will be bribery of the younger one. The older one isn’t all that interested in going anyway. Whichever way we go, I’m sure to get a bad mom award. It can join my ever growing collection of medals.

Check this out: (pumpkin carving without the mess.)

Children: Living. Homework avoidance 1 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection. Halloween party at Boy Scouts. Ghoulish great fun.
Loads of laundry: 2
Words Written: 500

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Excuse me? A what?

It’s called all the usual things: penis, cock, erection, manhood, rod, shaft, dick, eh-hmm…member. But I’ve found some truly noteworthy and creative phrases over the years. It seems authors have been desperate not to use the aforementioned, so here’s my throbbing list of turgid euphemisms for the male member. I should note, that I absolutely did not make these up. They’re from real, published books.

Pillar of Marble (Well, I guess this is cheaper than a glass dildo.)
Lethal Weapon in his pants (Does he have an STD???)
Jade Stalk (Does he have gangrene?)
His meat or Man Meat (I hear it’s good sautéed with onions. Tastes like chicken. Really.)
Thorn of Lust (Ow…I hear if you really care, you should remove the thorns.)
Shaft of Creation (Yeah, I have nothing to say about this one.)
Erect Passion (Closely related to Pole of Passion.)
Organ (Calling it this is always sooooo romantic.)
His third arm Or His third leg (Does it have little fingers or toes?)
Raging beast of his desire (Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Love Tool (What kind of batteries does it take? Does it come in sparkly colours?)
Tumescent Tube of Fire (Sounds like it might erupt at any moment)
Dragon of his desire (Makes me think of a good M/M novel…Sir George and the Dragon)
The Bald Avenger (Geez… I WISH I was making these up…)
Manroot (A Bertrice Small special)
Promise of Future Delight (Is there a refund if there’s a breach of promise?)
Love Muscle (Lifting its own weight, 37 times a day)
Purple Tulip (Ummmmm……)
Velvet Steel (Is this a new alloy or something?)
His sex was like a throbbing toothache (Now, I don’t know about you, but this isn’t good…)
His Tree of Life (See staff of creation…)
Weapon of flesh (I will defend you Fair Moon Grotto)
Column of Flesh (Bronwyn Green pointed out that this would be a great Dungeons and Dragons monster. “You turn the corner and Oh No! It’s a Column of Flesh! I’m rolling for stats…”)

Gosh, I think I need to go have a stiff drink.

Children: I can’t talk about my children after that list!!!!
Loads of laundry: 2
Words Written: 0

Monday, October 29, 2007

Now Where'd I Leave My Gloves

Well despite predictions otherwise, it looks like we’ll hold steady at mid-40s to low 50s, with no snow, for at least another week. Unlike a lot of people when it starts getting cold in the morning, like today, I start hoping for snow. I was kinda excited when I heard there would be some on Thursday. Oh the let down. I figure if it’s cold and I’m gonna freeze my hiney off letting the dog out in the morning, there might as well be some white stuff on the ground—and I don’t mean frost. There was plenty of that this morning. I had to scrape my car windows. Guh!!!

It’s a good morning to stay in and write. I have three books I want to finish by the end of December and about thirty pounds I want to lose. Ten pounds for every book. Hmmm. If I’m serious I can probably do it. A lot of people put on weight in the winter. I, on the other hand, lose better in the winter. Just another Brynn weirdity. Yes, I made up that word. I make up words all the time. Like…snarkasm. Snarkasm is the result of being simultaneously snarky and sarcastic. I have all kinds of words phrases I use when critiquing my friend’s work. I’d never use these on anyone else’s work. They wouldn’t get it and would probably be insulted. For example, most people wouldn’t like it if I told them this paragraph is really ‘chunkin’ up the page’, break it up.’ They also might not like it if I mentioned that a particular scene was very cuntastic—which is a great sex scene with an overabundance of the word cunt. Those a couple. I know there are a lot more, but it’s way too early to think of them right now.

Tomorrow…a snark-worthy discussion of the particularly noteworthy euphemism I’ve found for cock.

Children: Living. Homework avoidance 1 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection. Thank goodness it’s Monday. This is going to be a long two months of absolutely deserved grounding.
Loads of laundry: 3
Words Written: 0

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I really have no words. I’m still battling with fatigue. It's not seasonal depression. A. It's really sunny and beautiful today. B. I've never had it. I think I'm just getting sick or something.

Children: It’s the weekend and they’re remarkably good. They make me feel as if I’m the best. mother. ever! Stand back people! It’s all an illusion. Someone might get hurt.
Loads of laundry: 0
Words Written: 0

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday, My Day of Rest

I am so freaking tired I can barely function. I keep falling asleep. Example: I fell asleep earlier while my husband was asking me a question. I fell asleep in the middle of writing an email. I fell asleep again while sitting beside my son who was watching raucous cartoons. I just can’t stay awake. The lethargy is really cutting into work time. I could happily sit on the couch and stare at a wall today. It’s about the activity level my head desires.

Is there something going around? My son was literally this exhausted on Tuesday but I thought it was a combo of teenager hormones and too little sleep. My other son slept a lot on Wednesday, but I thought it was because he was sick… I’m feeling a little oblivious right now.

I’m trying caffeine therapy. I’ve just sucked down a coke and coffee is brewing. I ♥ caffeine. I swear some days it’s all that keeps me going. Yeah, I know… it’s not great for you. Neither is breathing. I’m not going to stop doing that either.

So, in other news, I started my next book. I vowed after I completed the last Wild Cress Family book, I wasn’t writing another BDSM. That’s was it. No more. I was done. It’s not that I don’t like it—I ♥ writing BDSM almost as much as caffeine. I just want to be sure it stays…fresh. I want all my books to be great. My friends and family have strict instructions to smack me across the side of the head if I start hacking out books just for the buck. Quality is far more important to me than anything else. I guess that’s why I’m so tough on books I critique too. My crit partners know I won’t pull punches. I’ll be nice, but I’ll say it as it is.

Back to the new book…so I started writing. I had a concept and I knew the character’s situations. I even knew my ending. At the end of page one, I discovered there was something I didn’t know. My hero is a Dom. WTF. Damn it. Sigh… Sometimes these things just come across so strongly, you have to go with it. I’m going with it.

Children: After parent torture, one child is about to get voted off the island. Seems he’s been shoving everything—homework, notes to me, etc.—into his desk. He’s grounded from just about everything until Christmas break. Homework avoidance 1 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection. There's a lot of sucking up being done.
Loads of laundry: 2
Words Written: 500

Friday, October 26, 2007

Guest Blog Day

No actual blog today. I’m guest blogging at where I’m discussing The Why Chromosome.

Children: Wild!!!! I can tell it’s a full moon. They act as if they’ve had a pound of sugar. Homework avoidance an even 2 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection. Conferences tomorrow.
Loads of laundry: 3
Words Written: 4500 (various projects)

All this and I cleaned my house too! (and the peasants rejoiced!)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A sneak peek – Redemption: Fallen

As promised... here's the sneak peek at my latest manuscript. So I thought...what would happen if a guardian angel fell in love with his charge? And what would happen if he gave in to his temptation? The result? This story. Happy reading!


In all eternity Raphian never desired anyone more than Lissa Chase. As her guardian angel, he couldn’t touch her. Or shouldn’t have. Taunted by demons, he succumbed. One forbidden night in Lissa’s arms was everything he’d imagined it would be. And it condemned him, casting him to earth.

Lissa is stunned when the stranger from last night’s erotic dreams walks into her life to pick up where the dreams had left off. When she discovers last night was reality, she’s thrust into a battle of good and evil. While she decides if she can allow Raphian into her life, every demon in the vicinity is after the fallen angel to bring him fully to their side—even if it means using the woman he loves as bait.


After all this time, he’d fallen prey to his baser desires and been banished. Now of all times. When the portal between good and evil was thinned by the solstice.

Raphian watched the object of his lust as she sent her young charges onto the large yellow busses lining the drive in front of the school where she taught. She smiled at the children, waving as fat snowflakes swirled around her. A gust of wind ruffled her hair into a golden halo and he swallowed hard as his desire knotted through him again. He couldn’t escape it even for a moment—even though it had cost him everything he was.

She looked more angelic than he ever had. She shivered, reminding him it was cold as late December days were wont to be. He’d never experienced cold before today. Now the bitter air stabbed at his skin, reddening the exposed areas and making his bones ache. So this was cold… His wings had always kept it from him before as he’d performed his duties on earth.

Now, he had no duties.

He had no wings…

He’d succumbed to human desires and dared to want her. Charged to protect her, he’d betrayed his position. He’d lain with her during a dream, felt the soft folds of her womanhood embracing his manhood as he plunged within her. Bliss. Hours of incomprehensible bliss. He’d stepped from her sweet embrace straight to judgment.

There was no denying his action. His punishment was etched in the stones marking the kingdom. He’d broken the law given to the angels. Fallen.

The cold biting through him amplified the mark of his failure as he shuddered. Each jarring quiver pulled at his back. Reminding him. He was an angel no more. Angels had wings. He had pain.

Would it ever cease? Or would he forever feel the agony where the fiery sword had shorn away his wings? Long red wounds ran from shoulder to waist, seared closed by the flame.

Because he’d dared to want her.

For years, he’d protected her. Now, he’d protect her one last night. Today might be his first and last as a mortal. Tonight as the portal thinned for the winter solstice, the demons would break free. Every demon in the vicinity would be after one man—the former angel they wanted to bring to their side. He could once again have power and immortality. They’d offer him kingdoms and wealth. They’d even offer him the woman.

He could have everything, but at what price? With them, he’d never again know peace or love. Only hatred so deep his bones would ache worse than they did in this wretched cold. His chances for survival were slim. It mattered little. He may have fallen, but he wasn’t evil. Death and an eternity in limbo were preferable to joining their ranks.

Raphian’s being stirred as the universe called him to protect. Even without wings, that hadn’t changed. The demons would attempt to use her against him. They’d threaten her life. And her soul. From sunset to sunrise, they’d battle with every foul means at their disposal.

A wingless angel and a mortal woman against a horde? There was no way either of them would survive the siege unless they were together. And soon. The days were short and the sun already hung low in the sky. Every minute counted as the night drew close. The woman didn’t know him, yet she had to trust him before the looming darkness blotted the tiny spark of hope from his spirit.

With a silent prayer to one who wouldn’t listen, he stepped forward.

Children: One grouchy. One sick. Homework avoidance an even 5 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection. I spent a great deal of the day coddling my sick little guy.
Loads of laundry: 0
Words Written: 2,300

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yes, this IS a rant. Problem?

I don’t really have much “writerly” to say today. An oddity, to be sure. I’m hard at work completing my current manuscript. I’m turning it in this afternoon, no matter what. Hopefully, the sex will really come. LOL. Come. Snort. Well, anyway… that’s all I have left. That and smoothing the ending I’ve already written. Tomorrow, I’ll post a blurb about the book and the series. I’m very excited by what I have planned.

But first to finish this book.

Yesterday, I read a comment on another blog by a fellow writer whose husband accuses her of neglecting everything else because of her hobby. I also got an email from a friend whose husband did the exact same thing. I’ve heard the same from other writer friends, from bestsellers to newbies. This attitude infuriates me. First of all, this is no hobby. We get paid for this. It’s a job. If it was a job outside the home we wouldn’t even be around to badger. Ergh!!! Can you tell I’ve encountered this in my husband…? And to tell the truth I halfway deserve it when I’m going for a deadline. I pretty much tune out everything unless there’s medical or natural emergency. But that’s not when he drags it out. Oh no…! It’s always when I’m actually on a light writing schedule and he thinks I need to do some sort of housework like laundry. Have I mentioned that my family makes a lot of laundry? And who is he to think I am the only one who can rear children and clean. I did not promise to clean, launder, cook and serve when I said my wedding vows. I don’t know many women who do. Like…none. Second of all…there is no second. I’ve already said it!

All this and I’m really not even torqued with my husband right now. He’s being pretty darn cool. But if he looks sideways at me even once today…

Children: Both still living. My baby turned 11. Wow!! Homework avoidance a 9 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection. Parent torture on Friday. Would I be considered a deadbeat parent if I just skipped it? I actually dread parent teacher conferences more than I dread going to the dentist—even when my children are perfect angels. I’m sure it’s a carryover fear from my childhood. I dreaded conferences then too. Kids dragged me to the Haunt today because mom AKA Troop Scoutmaster must have the bejesus scared out of her in the presence of 8 adolescent boys.
Loads of laundry: 2
Words Written: 1700

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gearing up for NANO

That’s not nano-technology. NANO is my verbal shorthand for NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth, also called NANOWRIMO and I’ll be participating again this year as I have for the last three years. The goal is to write a 50K novel between November 1 and November 30. I’m bending the rule a little. After the book I’m completing this week, I need to complete a 15K and a 20K manuscript, so I’m planning to write those two books. If I have time, I’ll start on the third, a 30K book. My goal is not to write a 50K book, but to actually write 50K on my three designated projects. If I can complete the first two by November 30, I’ll be seven shades of thrilled.

I really look forward to November for this reason—NANOWRIMO. Of course, I think it’s a dumb month in which to have it. November??? Obviously this was a guy’s idea. Actually, it was. Chris Baty founded this movement and it’s detailed in his book No Plot? No Problem! It’s an excellent book. I read it and was instantly converted, as were several of my writing cohorts. More info about it can also be found at

If you have trouble making yourself write, if you have trouble finishing books, if you have trouble with editing as you write (stop that!!!) or if you just have a lot that you must get written, I certainly recommend trying NANO for yourself.

Children: Both still living. Teenager more tolerable than t’ween. Homework avoidance a 4 on the standard 1-10 scale. Youngest decided it would be a perfect day to ‘forget’ his lunch then later try to make me believe he had no homework. Does he not remember he’s a second child and I’ve done this once before? Parent torture looms closer.
Loads of laundry: 6
Words Written: 250 (decided to work 18 hrs instead)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Writing Avoidance

It should be noted that I don’t believe in writer’s block. I do, however, suffer from writer’s avoidance. Here are several sure signs of the affliction:

1. I do massive amounts of laundry. This isn’t so bad since I’m sure my family generates more laundry than the rest of the free world.

2. I clean the refrigerator. There’s no mistaking this one. Why else on God’s green earth would I want to do that? Ick!

3. I suddenly think watching the whole first season of Medium is a good idea. Of course, I’m in love with Joe Dubois. Or is that Jake Weber? Or is it Joe Dubois? Heck! It’s just a good thing all around…unless I need to write.

4. I am the chattiest email buddy in the world. So tell me to shut up and get back to work, wouldja?

5. I decide my dog needs a walk…even if there’s a blizzard.

Right now I have 4 out of 5 avoidance measures in action. I’d have a perfect 5 if not for unseasonable warm weather…

Children: Both still living despite their best efforts. Homework avoidance a 7 on the standard 1-10 scale. Parent torture, AKA conferences, at the end of the week. Life sentences of no video games may ensue.

Loads of laundry: 8

Words Written: 1,200

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I've been converted

For months, I've been posting away at myspace and today I discovered that after a fashion my posts are deleted. What the heck! My words are golden, lol! I've never seen that here. I've never had that happen on xanga either. Since I like blogspot I am.

I've been thinking of setting up a blogspot blog for a while anyway. So I've frittered away my day, setting up my new mouthing off site and make it all pretty and 'me'. Come on in and have fun!